Coeliac Awareness Week Virtual Show 2022: Travelling with Coeliac Disease – Mandy Skene

Your quick guide to travelling with coeliac disease. Here you will find simple and affordable tips to add to your toolkit for those times away from home.

Picture of Mandy Skene

Mandy Skene

Mandy is a nurse, midwife, and public health clinician with a passion and love of food and travel. In 2016, after a family member’s fight with bowel cancer, Mandy accelerated her health journey in search for answers to all her undiagnosed symptoms. She was diagnosed with coeliac disease along with an array of food intolerances from years of poor health and malabsorption. Her work as a humanitarian midwife, aside her love of travel, has taken her to the countries all over the world. It was from this that happylittlecoeliac was created – a creative content outlet for like-minded food and health lovers. A place full of travel trips, food hacks, and anecdotes about all things gluten free living.

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