Living Free From Show 2022: The Low FODMAP diet for Vegans

As FODMAPs are found exclusively in plant foods (except for lactose in dairy products), and vegans rely solely on plant-based foods, this can make it difficult (though not impossible!) for vegans to follow a low FODMAP diet and still consume essential nutrients. Dietitians from the Monash University FODMAP Diet team answer common questions on following both diets, explain key nutrients to consider and provide examples of nutritious low FODMAP vegan foods.

The Monash FODMAP team were the pioneers of FODMAP research, helping to gain an understanding of these short-chain carbohydrates and their effect on IBS.
Monash now has a large network of resources to help IBS sufferers and health professionals, including:
• The Monash University FODMAP diet app that’s complete with a traffic light food guide, recipes, food diary and much more
• Online training courses to teach patients and dietitians about FODMAP and IBS management
• FODMAP food certification program to test and identify low FODMAP food products and recipes




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