Coeliac Awareness Show 2023: THE GLUTEN FREE DIET

The Gluten Free Diet with Nicole Marie Mott
This presentation covers the gluten free diet. Nicole covers the basics of coeliac disease, the basics of gluten, naturally gluten free food groups, foods to look out for, where to shop in the supermarket, along with ingredients, preservatives and additives.

Picture of Nicole Marie Mott

Nicole Marie Mott

Nicole is an APD Dietitian that focuses on Coeliac disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and gut health. She is based in Melbourne and operates as an online dietitian at Gluten Free Kitchen. Nicole also creates delicious gluten free, low fodmap and gut healthy recipes on her website that the family can also enjoy. Nicole enjoys working closely with individuals for extended periods of time to ensure she attains a deep understanding of each client’s issues to offer sustainable symptom relief, enhance gut health and promote overall health that can be maintained.

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