The Game changing tool that can help you understand your food intolerances and allergies better – Jade Anstey

Something that has been so beneficial to many of my clients is the use of functional pathology as part of their health assessment. It is the perfect tool that combines my unique holistic approach with science based medicine. It has been real game changer with my patients being able to finally provide them with accurate answers to their health.

Picture of Jade Anstey

Jade Anstey

Jade Anstey is a naturopath and nutritionist with a strong ability to identify the bodies innate ability to find its equilibrium or ‘balance’. Know as ’the naturopath you have to see’, her message- that health is individual, that no approach is the same and that balance can be achieved- she inspires people across the globe to understand & bring balance to their own health. Working in key areas of digestive disorders, the microbiome and the gut-immune system Jade believes the body has the ability to not only health but ultimately thrive in health.

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