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As Australians are prioritising their health and wellbeing, they are turning to new products to suit their changing needs. This is having a profound influence on their daily life choices as they start to make conscious decisions that will better their life.

Discovering new intolerances, allergies and dietary requirements can be overwhelming and scary. Obtaining the right information can be time consuming as you search through the misleading information and try find what is right for you. Australians were longing for a community where they could connect with like-minded people to share, engage, inspire and learn about all things free from and allergy related.

We decided to create a digital platform for our community to come together and support one another on their health journeys. This is a one stop shop where you can go to connect and source information to help you on your journey and remove the isolation that you may be experiencing.

Introducing the Free From + Allergy Community!

This platform was created to bring together like-minded people together to share, engage, inspire and learn about all things free from and allergy related. We believe that by building a strong community, it will offer support and guidance to people who may be experiencing similar challenges in everyday life.

The Free From + Allergy Community Facebook group brings together industry professionals and everyday people that will share their knowledge and experience about allergies and intolerance’s. We encourage our community to ask questions and be active to help one another overcome food challenges that may make them feel isolated or alone.

Are you ready to join the community? We are ready to welcome you!

Everyone is welcomed, even if you’re not from Australia 😉

Join the community here and be apart of a supportive community.

Free From + Allergy Shows

Due to the significant impact corona has had within various industries, the Free From + Allergy team have had to postpone this show until 2021. We welcome you to join us for our virtual show on the 25/26 September.

Check out the content library where you can learn about various allergies and intolerances from health experts.

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