FODMAP Edition Virtual Show 2022: Stress & the gut brain connection – Alissa Mack

Join Alissa as she unpacks how research has shown us the importance of the gut-brain connection and paying attention to the gut in mental health conditions is vital.

Have you ever felt so anxious you feel nauseous? Or butterflies in your stomach when you’re nervous or excited? This is the gut- brain connection at work.

Our stress response was designed to save our lives, the problem is nowadays our stress response is often being activated every day.

Our “ON” button is stuck on.

Picture of Alissa Mack

Alissa Mack

Alissa is a Naturopath working predominantly within the gut health space. After graduating she very quickly realised that everyone she was working with had gut-related symptoms, however many just thought that was a part of life. She realised that she was unable to help those in her world with their health, without starting with their gut. Journeying closely with her sister Kristyn on her gut health journey fuelled her passion as she sought to help her live a life not limited by her gut! Alissa loves to educate others about gut health, running health programs, group sessions, writing articles and public speaking.

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