So you have been diagnosed with lactose tolerance… what next? – Frances Walker

Being diagnosed with lactose intolerance does not mean you have to avoid dairy. In this video I look at 3 easy low lactose hacks so you know which dairy foods to avoid, and which dairy foods can be safely included in your eating plan. Not only that, but how you can reduce lactose in your diet without compromising the all important calcium. Get savvy about lactose, manage your lactose intolerance and boost your calcium intake in one quick 10 minute update.

Picture of Frances Walker

Frances Walker

I love working as a food Intolerance Dietitian and find my work is split across FODMAPs, whole food intolerances (including dairy protein intolerance) and food chemical sensitivities. Working with breast fed babies, children and adults- I find myself covering the whole spectrum of ages. Dairy intolerance is often an issue in the food sensitive people I see- with either lactose intolerance, protein intolerance/allergy or both being at play. Hence, I have developed a particular interest in dairy! With an education background, I relish opportunities to inform my client, groups and undertake education sessions to help food sensitive people become empowered with knowledge on how to move forward.

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