Coeliac Awareness Week Virtual Show 2021: Shifting your mindset with Coeliac Life & Mindset Coach, Mowenna

When you are diagnosed with coeliac disease it can be daunting. So many questions are going through your mind and it can feel isolating. FFA sat down with Coeliac Life & Mindset Coach, Mowenna who shares how she tries to add a positive spin to this disease and her tips to shifting your mindset.

Picture of Morwenna


Morwenna is a coeliac life and mindset coach in the UK. And enjoys using her wonderful instagram group @coeliac_circle to reach people worldwide and help them to be the best they can be with their auto-immune condition. She has been diagnosed with coeliac disease for over 11 years and it is her ultimate passion to support coeliacs to thrive daily without looking at their diagnosis as a weakness but as a chance to take charge and be as healthy and happy as possible. As a brand new mum, Morwenna has been away learning the ropes but is pleased to be back and able to connect and help people again.   

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