Living Free From Show 2022: Resources for success on the Low FODMAP Diet

Resources for success on the Low FODMAP Diet with Fodshop
When those with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) start to follow a low FODMAP diet for the management of gut symptoms, it doesn’t take long to recognise how restrictive the diet is. Many foods which form a part of a balanced diet suddenly appear on the 'can't have' list, making the prospect of enjoying a meal a perceivably impossible pursuit.

The strict low FODMAP elimination diet regimen makes grocery shopping and eating out very overwhelming, bringing on feelings of disappointment, stress, and anxiety for most.

The low FODMAP diet is the most clinically proven dietary protocol for the management of IBS symptoms, with up to 86% of IBS patients experiencing symptom relief on the elimination diet.

At FodShop, we have brought together a wide range of low FODMAP approved food products which are safe to consume as part of a low FODMAP diet regimen, that aren’t only scientifically determined to be suitable, but they’re also delicious!

What is FodShop?

FodShop is the world’s first online FODMAP expert Commercial Nutritionist-run shop & gastroenterology resource, supplying more than 2,000 low FODMAP approved food products from hundreds of local & international brands, additionally meeting various food intolerance, allergen-friendly and nutrition requirements.

FodShop’s tag filtering system enables website visitors to search products by medical condition and dietary & lifestyle choice. The range can also be triaged by brand and grocery category.

FodShop has a physical store presence within its Cheltenham VIC warehouse in Melbourne, Australia, enabling customers & patients to come and visit the team to obtain product & nutrition advice from our in-house nutrition team, purchase food products directly off the shelves of the warehouse, and receive referrals to local nutrition practitioners.

There is something for everyone, no matter your food intolerance, food allergy, or personal, ethical, religious and/or lifestyle choices.

Leda Nutrition at FodShop
FodShop is very proud to carry a range of the LEDA Nutrition range of low FODMAP approved food products, including those which are also Monash University Low FODMAP Certified™




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