Putting the ‘Nice’ into dairy-free ice cream with Oriana Nice Creamery

The Asian-inspired gelato brand, Oriana Nice Creamery, is taking lactose-free, vegan-friendly ice cream to a delicious new height of irresistible,offering a sophisticated line of tantalisingcreationsbasedon the goodness of coconut. 

The crowd pleasing ‘Nice Cream’ range started making waves at its launch early this year, receiving rave reviews from its very first tastings. Withinitialbatches of velvetylusciousness hitting shelves just months ago, the brand hasalready added two new flavours, Strawberry andMatcha, to its alluring collection which includes Pina Colada, Ube (purple yam) and Honeycomb. 

As food allergen awareness continues to play a role in healthy eating choices,Oriana Nice Creamery is a new offering that meets the health demands of today’s discerning consumer withoutcompromising on taste. 

Committed to inclusivity, Oriana Nice Creamery was created to not only cater for people with allergen-free or vegan dietary requirements, but to offer a delectable, creamy escape for dessert lovers of all kinds. 

Choosing the versatile coconut as the base ingredient for the range was centred onthe palm fruit’s ability to adda creaminess to frozen treats that matches dairy-basedcounterpartswhile imparting a unique undertone to exotic and tropical ingredient selections. 

Coconut also comes with a plethora of desirable health benefits. 

While its gluten-free and allergy-free profiles are quintessential, coconut is renowned for its high content of healthy, quick metabolising fatty acids (medium-chain triglycerides) and its ability to control ‘bad cholesterol’ in the blood stream and boost heart health. It also hasa high fibre content, is a powerful antioxidant, helps to control blood sugar levels, has antibacterial properties, and, to place a figurative cherry on top of the ‘Nice Cream’, is low in carbs! 

Coconut’s natural sweetness further helps to curb sugar cravings and its topical benefits are known to confer goodness from the ‘inside out’ adding to skin radiance when consumed as part of a daily regimen. 

Add a reduced carbon footprint to its many health benefits, no-allergy and gluten-free features and you have a delectable product that’s more than just ‘Nice’ ice cream! 

Best of all, Oriana Nice Creamery frozen treats are visually as appealing as their taste! The vibrant colours and hues are all natural, with no food additives or colouringsadded, and there’s delightfully no tricks on the palate! 

But the proof is always in the pudding, or in this case, in the ‘Nice Cream’! We’ll be hosting in-store tastings showcasing our new flavours in the coming weeks and invite you to come along to experience our range firsthand. Tastings will be held throughout December and the New Year at select locations. Join the Oriana Nice Creamery revolution and treat yourself to a scoop (or two) of pure bliss! 

Stay tuned to our social channels for our ‘Summer of Nice Cream’ competitions where you’ll have the opportunity to indulge in and savour your favourite flavours all summer long. 

Picture of Oriana Nice Creamery

Oriana Nice Creamery

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