Smart Snacks – 100 + quick & nutritious recipes for surviving the school years.


An essential resource for any busy parent!  

With more than 100 simple, speedy recipes from passionate foodie, Flip Shelton, combined with wise and friendly advice from renowned adolescent and child psychologist Michael Carr-Gregg, Smart Snacks is a go-to for busy family life.  Whip up these delicious snacks for – or with – your kids and they will be packed full of good stuff! 

The ten chapters are broken into “On The Ball”; “Smoothies and Juices”; “Dips to Dig Into”; “Chips Ahoy”, “Midnight Munchies”, “Fast Food”, “Cool Things for Hot Heads”, “Super Sangas”; “One Bit Wonders”; “Smart Sweet Things”.  

And every recipe is marked according to whether it is dairy-free; egg-free; gluten-free; grain-free; nut-free; wheat-free and freezable!  

Food affects our kids’ mood, energy and focus and enhances their success at school.  And a hugely important part of what kids and teenagers eat and drink every day happens between meals – so don’t underestimate the impact of snacks.

Smart snacks provide a vital nutrient boost and slow-release energy, whereas processed snacks or soft drinks can play havoc with kids’ blood sugar, mood and concentration – and also have longer-term effects on their physical and mental wellbeing.

Unleash the power of smart snacks with this book.

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