Pure Cherry Scrub



Get Naked With Me. Your Skin Will Love It. And You Will Love Your Skin…

Do you have drab skin?

Slightly Dry, Dull, Lack Lustre?  Perhaps even (whisper voice) Wrinkly?

That kind of skin looks good on no-one – ever.

That is why we have released this amazing new product.

The Pure Cherry Scrub – for face and body

Before you order, you must know that this isn’t your average off-the-shelf scrub.

This is one of the purest products we have.  Gentle exfoliation with our famous pure tallow soap, cherry granules and soothing Great lakes gelatin.  This product is also perfect if you have issues with essential oils and plant extracts, as it contains none.


  • Finely Ground Cherry Pit Granules
  • Paleo Skincare’s Pure Tallow Soap (Filtered Rainwater, Saponified Grass-fed Beef Tallow)
  • Great Lakes Grass-fed Beef Gelatin
  • That’s it, only 4 ingredients.

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