Pinch A Salt - Gundabluey Wattle Seed - 100% Australian Native Botanical



Gundabluey Wattle is recognised wildly within the food industry and is the most common wattleseed grown commercially. The benefits of wattleseed have not been fully explored, however it is known to be relatively high in protein and low in the glycemic index.  Dark roasted Wattle seed has been used by some as an alternative to coffee for those with gluten allergies, that do not have a reaction to Wattle seed.

To start you off, if you have never used Wattle seed before, choose some chicken breast, fillet of fish, pork tenderloin, prawns and vegetable slices such as potato, zucchini, or eggplant.  To 100 g of plain flour add a pinch of Pincha Salt Walkabout and plain black pepper to taste. Add 1 tbsp of wattle seed and combine all ingredients in a sturdy plastic bag.  Shake to combine, and coat your food, small portions at a time.  Then simply shallow fry or bake as desired.

Follow our #pinchasaltgundabluey for more suggested uses and recipes.


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