Pinch A Salt – Bush Dukkah


Bush Dukkah has a unmistakable flavour of Australian macadamia nuts paired with salt bush lemon myrtle and Kakadu Plum, this Northern Territory bush Dukkah is perfect to eat in the traditional way or used to crust meat sprinkle, over salads, mushrooms,  eggs, baked veggies, soft cheeses, on crackers or add to dampers and breads. 

Available in 50g packets or as part of the TRIO OF DUKKAH  in 50gs for $8.50  

INGREDIENTS Roasted macadamia nuts , roasted peanuts, Australian native salt bush, pumpkin, sesame, wattle, and  fennel seeds, Lemon Myrtle and Kakadu Plum. The last two are Australian native botanical SUPERFOODS with an abundance of healthy goodies.  


Certified Low FODMAP, Gluten friendly. No added MSG. No NASTIES. May contain trace amount of nuts. Dukkahs are made with various types of nuts.   We don’t add any anti-caking agents, so if salts harden you can easily re-crush.   

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