Lactose-free Probiotic Kefir Yoghurt



Our Lactose Free Probiotic Yoghurt is a natural slow-fermented, pourable kefir yoghurt. With 10 culture strains and over 90 billion+ live cultures in every serve, it’s a delicious way to create a healthier, happier gut.

Pleasantly tart with a hint of natural fizz, our live Lactose Free Probiotic Kefir is slow-fermented with fresh milk from grass-fed Gippsland cows, just as nature intended. Being traditionally slow-fermented means all the good bits stay inside the bottle. Because our live Probiotic kefir is made with real milk and slow-fermented, it can get a little lumpy  (just like life)! Simply give it a good shake to make it deliciously creamy again!

Monash University Low Fodmap Certified.

Available at Coles supermarkets in the Milk aisle.

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