These Monash University certified low FODMAP products are a good addition for your pantry staple items to create a variety of meals the whole family can enjoy.

HAJIA SALT is used like you would normal Salt. Over protein and veggies. On your eggs or in a sandwich, even in the rice or pasta water. If you’re going to add a Pincha Salt add one with flavour.

SEAFOOD RUB is perfect to flavour Marinara, shell fish, sea or river fish. You’ll love the flavour and  experiment with other foods too.

BUSH DUKKAH is not only a great party or afternoon snack, but perfect in salads, to crust meats, over baked eggs, in hummus, over eggs, or in homemade breads or crackers. This blend contains Australian native botanicals and superfoods.

MIDDLE EASTERN RUB will add flavour to Kebabs, Koftas, pizza meats, baked veggies.  Doesn’t have to be used only as a rub. It is versatile enough to add to soups stews and casseroles. After all, it’s yummy spices combined perfectly for a flavour hit.

ZESTY PEP is a tangy pepper so versatile you’ll always be amazed at what you can do.  Steep it in oil for added flavour when frying. Coat a soft cheeses for added tang.  Pepper any meats or veggies. Add to breads crackers dampers, make jerky get experimental! Smear oil on a cracker and sprinkle then, enjoy with a beverage of choice. Contains Australian native botanicals and superfoods.

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Also includes our Garlic & Onion Substitute Salt. 

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