Elektra Magnesium Creams (MILD)


2 teaspoons = 300mg magnesium

Very relaxing and calming. ‘Herbal’ (herby-minty aroma) for dry or sensitive skin type, like eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis. Sensory Gold (light magnolia floral aroma) for dry skin. Zest Citrus (lemongrass-bergamot aroma) for medium and combination skin type, Island Spice (light geranium & fermented papaya aroma) for medium to oily skin type. Glides on easily, absorbs well. Can use for toddlers to elderly and everyone in between!

Use code RASHGONE20 for 20% off 100g Herbal Magnesium Cream. Offer is for one use per customer and expires 25 December 2020. 

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