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Infant Feeding Foundations Workshop – Virtual

The Infant Feeding Foundations Workshop (IFFW) for health professionals has been running around Australia for the past 4 years, with an online and on-demand version developed late 2020. The course has been organised into four online modules of approximately 1.5 hour duration each, plus a 1 hour live Q&A session. The focus is on 0-12 months developmental skills, however the course content is also applicable for working with older children as these skills are the foundation for all feeding skills (e.g. learning to chew). Sections of the course are applicable to varying levels of feeding therapy experience and the course is open to a range of health professionals. Areas covered include:

  • Developmental foundations of feeding and oral development
  • Assessment of oral structure, function and feeding skills
  • Feeding case histories
  • How to complete an in-depth oral motor examination
  • Impact of tongue tie on feeding and oral development
  • Assessment and management of tongue tie based on current evidence
  • Treatment of breastfeeding and bottle feeding difficulties
  • Treatment of early solids difficulties, including oral motor skills for feeding

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