Anxiety (30ml)


Ingredients: MCT, Myrcene, lecithin (Hops & Mango)

May Assist with: Anxiety, Sleep, Mood Balance, Pain

Who can take it: Ages 8 Years old and upward

Who cannot take it: Children under 8 years, Pregnant woman.

Contraindication: Blood Pressure medications. Myrcene works like some Anti-depressants and SSRI’s.

Results at this stage indicate some being able to replace their Pharmaceuticals. Others have been able to reduce.

No adverse reactions reported.

Instruction of use: Take 3-5 drops under the tongue 4 times a day or can be used as needed for extra support. Leave under tongue for 30 seconds for best results. Take for a minimum 14 days, for best results take for 28 days.

Do not exceed the recommended dosage.

We are trying to balance the body and it’s systems something that takes time. Can be used as a daily ‘supplement’ or used only when needed.

Myrcene at low doses is a stimulant, in high doses it is the opposite. Very important to manage intake properly. 1 ml /per day max.

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