Allergy Flashcards


42 Food Allergy Flashcards that are great on their own but also reinforce the teaching points in our allergy books and posters.

The cards will help children begin to identify their allergens and learn what other foods they may find their allergen in through interactive discussion with an adult. 

The cards also make children aware there are many other foods to which children may be allergic. The teaching points will help children avoid their allergens through awareness and education.

The cards are aimed at children between the ages of 2 – 8 and provide a fun way to discuss allergies with your child from an early age. A fun educational resource.

– Cards are bright, colourful and fun

– Encourages interactive learning

– Child friendly bag

– Visual reinforcement messages for young children

– Friendly, helpful advice from the lovable characters Thai & Rabbie

– Cards cover the top 8 allergens, plus a special card for your child

– Positive teaching points

– Empower your child with our key safety messages


Covers multiple food allergies

Age range allergy books