Are you a mosquito magnet?

 “Truly amazing”… This is what I hear when people talk about buzzbalm™

This all-natural balm can help stop the itching and reduce the irritation and inflammation that mosquito and other insect bites can cause. Use on ant bites and bee stings, or any other insect bite or sting to help reduce inflammation and itching!

Also useful to apply to minor household burns after rinsing the burn in cold water, garden scratches can also be calmed by applying buzzbalm™. (if you have life-threatening reactions to insect bites & stings seek medical advice.)

buzzbalm™ available in vegan/nut free (canilla wax & hemp oil)  & original (beeswax & sweet almond oil)

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Cassava Turbo snacks original plus – Himalayan salt, Garlic, Chilli


Cassava Turbo Snacks is a versatile, flavourful food and an important source of nutrients and energy, particularly in the tropics. It is a nutty-flavoured root vegetable or tuber, native to South America. It must be cooked or pressed before it’s eaten. It is well known as the raw material to produce tapioca products and is similar in shape to sweet potato. Good source of nutrients and vitamin C, thiamine, riboflavin, and niacin. Believed to be anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. High in protein and carbs, so it is ideal for athletes and active individuals Variety of new flavours (Original Plus + Himalayan Salt, Garlic and Chilli)

Source of resistant starch, for boosting healthy gut bacteria.

  • 100% Natural and high energy superfood
  • No additives, non-preservatives
  • Non hydrogenated oil
  • No artificial colours 

Choc Chip Bites


Decadently rich, these dark chocolate cookies are a guilt-free treat that’s to die for! Made with quality vegan chocolate chips, these biscuits are ideal for those who are dairy free or observing a vegan diet. Warning: they are extremely moorish:) Give yourself a treat!

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Coles I’m Free From


Free From Allergens and full of taste

Coles I’m Free From is all about giving food allergy sufferers the ability to choose a variety of different foods without compromise on taste. Find the range across the store – just look out for the I’m Free From speech bubble and colourful packs!

We’ve just added more products to our Coles I’m Free From range in the bakery aisle, from bagels and baguettes to delicious rustic loaves. NEW and only at Coles!

See the Coles I’m Free From range here.

Coles Nature’s Kitchen


Delicious Vegan

At Nature’s Kitchen we believe plant based food does not have to be bland and boring, so we’re upping the taste in plant based eats. Salty, tangy, spicy, sweet, we offer mouth-watering food, packed with flavour for the modern plant-based eater.

Voted by the plant-based community as Best Vegan Ready Meals in Nourish Magazine’s 2020 Vegan Awards.

Try some of our newest additions to the range including Cookies & Crème Cookie Dough or Mexican Style Jackfruit!

See the Coles Natures Kitchen range here.

Dietitian Initial Consultation with Alice Bleathman


Our Gut Started Dietitian’s work with you to identify your symptom triggers, create a healthy and balanced diet and give you strategies to best manage your overall health and wellbeing. We can assist with implementation of the low FODMAP diet, allergies and intolerances as well as vegan vegetarian lifestyles.


Eating Well for the Family by Debbie Bruce


This book is a collection of some of the meals I have created over the past 10 years to accommodate for our special dietary needs and then those of our children. Many would agree that it has been through nutritional changes, that our children are all thriving as much as they are now. I believe a good, healthy diet consists of a wide variety of fresh, whole foods and as close to nature as possible. Bodies have an amazing ability to heal themselves, they just need the right tools to do it. Let great food be one of your tools to regain control of your health. You will find that your body will keep what it needs and get rid of the rest. Do your research, listen to your body and empower yourself with education.There is not ONE diet that is a fix-all for everyone. I don’t intend for this book to be your fix-all, it’s a collection of my favourite recipes that will hopefully inspire you to add some more variety to your life and try a few of your regular family-favourite meals prepared in a healthy way.

To receive a 15% discount use the code FREEFROM at checkout

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You explore a new world of beer by choosing any carton to bundle with our EXPLØRE CØRE carton, which features our three core beers Pale Ale, Extra Pale Ale (XPA) and India Pale Ale (IPA).

EXPLØRE CØRE: Pale Ale: 8x 375ml | 4.5% + XPA: 4x 375ml | 5.0% + IPA: 4x 375ml | 6.0%
Pale Ale: 16x 375ml | 4.5%
XPA: 16x 375ml | 5.0%
IPA: 16x 375ml | 6.0%

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Brewed to a Classic West Coast IPA style, Hop The Wall West Coast IPA is hopped twice to present bold pine and citrus flavours, with hints of stone fruit on the nose. Taste a four-pack in our EXPLØRE MØRE Mixed Carton along with our Pale Ale, XPA and IPA. 

EXPLØRE FØUR: 4x Hop The Wall West Coast IPA (6.0%) + 4x Pale Ale (4.5%) + 4x XPA (5.0%) + 4x IPA (6.0%) – all 375ml

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Gluten Free Soy Sauce 250ml


Kikkoman Gluten Free Soy Sauce is naturally brewed, using only high-quality ingredients. No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives are used, resulting in a small savoury taste, which enhances the flavour of food without being overpowering.

Kikkoman Gluten Free Soy Sauce complies with the gluten free Food Standards Code of Australia & N.Z. and is approved by the Coeliac Society of Australia. Use it as a versatile ingredient in a wide variety of recipes.

Ingredients: Water, Soybeans, Rice, Salt, Contains alcohol v/v, from the natural brewing process

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Our IPA is bursting with flavour and bite, giving off pine and fruity aromatics. It’s also endorsed by Coeliac Australia!

16x 375ml | 6.0% abv

A beautifully-hopped IPA brewed with millet and buckwheat; showcasing Galaxy and Mosaic hops.

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