Allergen Bureau Free Helpline


The Allergen Bureau provides rapid responses to questions concerning the management of food allergen risks in food ingredients and manufactured foods. 

Allergen Bureau Member enquiries and  VITAL® Online subscriber enquiries will be acknowledged within 2 working days and considered responses given within 5 working days – although we are pleased to say we are usually much quicker than that and generally respond on the same or next day.

Non-members are only able to access the Allergen Bureau phone and email information service as a priority for one enquiry. Subsequent enquiries and requests for assistance by non-members will be considered on a case-by-case basis, as time and resources allow.

Contact the Free Helpline today. 

Australia: 0437 918 959

International: + 61 437 918 959

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Allergen Risk Review Website (ARRW)


The Allergen Bureau’s Allergen Risk Review website is a freely available interactive guide designed to assist the food industry with understanding the allergen status of its products.
Allergen risk review is the process of thoroughly investigating the allergen status of food. It begins with raw materials and continues throughout the manufacturing process until the food is packed and labelled.
In the VITAL® Program, allergen risk review represents the holistic approach to assessing the allergen status of a food. It encompasses any systems, allergen management processes or evaluations made in order to make a labelling decision.

Visit the ARRW today

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Allergy Awareness Posters

From – $3

The perfect child-friendly poster for child care, kindergartens, schools and playgroups. Most preschool children and little preps can’t read! We have designed a poster that young children will understand through our images. 

Our poster will help children become Allergy Aware. Providing colourful reminders about washing your hands after eating and not sharing food at school or kindy.

Childcare Pack – A3 posters x 5


Allergy Awareness Stickers

From – $8.50

Place on school bags, sports bags or clothing. They can also be used as an EpiPen ReminderPlace in your car, by your car keys or at school to ensure you remember to take your EpiPen with you.

EpiPen Alert Sticker Pack – Size 90 x 55  – 20 stickers

Dont Feed me Stickers –  Size 90 x 55  – 20 stickers

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Allergy Flashcards


42 Food Allergy Flashcards that are great on their own but also reinforce the teaching points in our allergy books and posters.

The cards will help children begin to identify their allergens and learn what other foods they may find their allergen in through interactive discussion with an adult. 

The cards also make children aware there are many other foods to which children may be allergic. The teaching points will help children avoid their allergens through awareness and education.

The cards are aimed at children between the ages of 2 – 8 and provide a fun way to discuss allergies with your child from an early age. A fun educational resource.

– Cards are bright, colourful and fun

– Encourages interactive learning

– Child friendly bag

– Visual reinforcement messages for young children

– Friendly, helpful advice from the lovable characters Thai & Rabbie

– Cards cover the top 8 allergens, plus a special card for your child

– Positive teaching points

– Empower your child with our key safety messages


Covers multiple food allergies

Age range allergy books


Children’s Books


ausEE has published three children’s books about living with eosinophilic oesophagitis (EoE). The first ‘Meet Arabella’ follows the diagnosis journey and the second ‘Being Henry’ is about living with EoE. Our third book ‘Olivia and Kate’ is about the siblings of Arabella and Henry. All books are available for purchase from ausEE Online Gift Shop for just $8 each including Australian postage. Our books are also Buy One Get One Free! No coupon code required, we will automatically send you a free second copy! 

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Children’s Allergy Books


The books follow Thai & Rabbie, and their adventures discovering life with food allergies.

Food allergies are portrayed in a non-threatening way, in simple language so very young children can understand. Talking points at the back of the book help you explore food allergies in a 

positive way with your child. Talking about it helps your child feel more at ease with their condition and less isolated and different.

Each book covers various teaching points without overwhelming children with too many concepts, or too much information. They cover multiple allergens and young children can use the images to begin learning about foods they must avoid.

We also teach the saying ‘No, Danger food!’ a term that a toddler can understand. A bit like saying ‘No, Hot Oven!’ Text is also colour coded: red meaning Danger and green are safe or a positive teaching point.

We tackle a birthday party, being away from home, starting kindy, school and anaphylaxis. The books cover normal everyday situations children face. Thai’s positive attitude shows other children food allergies don’t have to stop you from joining in.

Covers multiple food allergies

allergy books age range




EASY GLUTEN FREE is a practical family meals cookbook with over 100 new recipes that are all EASY, DELICIOUS and NOURISHING. As a mum of three young kids Helen needs an arsenal of fuss-free family recipes to get through a busy week and this book includes all her favourites from express midweek meals to slow Sunday braises in addition to one-pot and one-tray dishes that require minimal prep but deliver maximum flavour. Chapters include Salads, Soups, Vegetables, Pasta & Rice, Seafood, Chicken, Pork Lamb, Beef, Sweet and even Bakery & Breakfast. There are plenty of options for vegans and vegetarians and more than half of the recipes are dairy and egg free to cater for people suffering from additional allergies.

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Eating Well for the Family by Debbie Bruce


This book is a collection of some of the meals I have created over the past 10 years to accommodate for our special dietary needs and then those of our children. Many would agree that it has been through nutritional changes, that our children are all thriving as much as they are now. I believe a good, healthy diet consists of a wide variety of fresh, whole foods and as close to nature as possible. Bodies have an amazing ability to heal themselves, they just need the right tools to do it. Let great food be one of your tools to regain control of your health. You will find that your body will keep what it needs and get rid of the rest. Do your research, listen to your body and empower yourself with education.There is not ONE diet that is a fix-all for everyone. I don’t intend for this book to be your fix-all, it’s a collection of my favourite recipes that will hopefully inspire you to add some more variety to your life and try a few of your regular family-favourite meals prepared in a healthy way.

To receive a 15% discount use the code FREEFROM at checkout

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EpiPen & Asthma Bags


EpiPen insulated carrier bags go beyond just providing EpiPen and asthma medication storage, they:

  • Stand out and are easily identifiable during an emergency. Perfect for kindy, childcare or school.
  • The EpiPen bag tag allows for easy identification in an emergency; the clearly designed label ensures the correct child’s medication is quickly and easily accessed.
  • The customised insert allows staff to clearly identify the child, their allergies, days of attendance, medication details and expiry dates.
  • They are specifically designed to support children at risk of anaphylaxis

Our EpiPen Bag is more than just a medication holder; it’s the most important bag you’ll ever purchase. Thai, the main character in our food allergy book series, would agree and so do our customers. Read their reviews!

Bag Dimensions: 21.5 x 5.5 x 18cm

Insulated EpiPen Bag

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Food Industry Guide to Allergen Management and Labelling for Australia and New Zealand (FIGAML)


The 2019 Food Industry Guide to Allergen Management and Labelling for Australia and New Zealand is a partnership document of the Australian Food and Grocery Council and the Allergen Bureau.

The Guide describes industry best practice for the management of allergens, allergen labelling, and allergen communication. In this Guide, ‘allergens’ are the foods or substances that are listed in the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code (the Code) Section 1.2.3—4 Mandatory declaration of certain foods or substances in food.

The Guide provides:

  • an overview of food allergy and food intolerance
  • a description of the requirements outlined in the Code regarding food allergens that require labelling in Australia and New Zealand
  • information about international food allergen regulations
  • guidance on the management of food allergens in the manufacture and supply of food ingredients and finished products
  • information on analysis for allergens
  • best practice guidance for allergen declaration and communication, including the application of the VITAL Program for risk assessment and labelling of cross contact allergens.
  • guidance on the management and communication of a change in allergen status of a food product
  • guidance on the management of reports in relation to alleged allergic reactions to a food the company has supplied
  • information about food recalls.

Download the 2021 Food Industry Guide to Allergen Management and Labelling for Australia and New Zealand.

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