Due to Work Health and Safety requirements of the Venue the following must be adhered to at all times during Move In and Move Out:

  • Safety Vests must be worn in the Exhibition Hall and on the Loading Dock
  • Closed-toe shoes must be worn in the Exhibition Hall and on the Loading Dock
  • Children under 15 years of age are not permitted (there are no child-minding facilities)


Exhibitor Move -In Dates & Times

Friday 20 October 2023
7am – 6pm             Floor Space Only Stands Build Access
10am – 6pm           Pre-Built Stands Move In

Saturday 21 October 2023

7am – 9am             Exhibitor access and stand completion
                              *All displays must be complete by 9am 

Exhibitor Move -Out Dates & Times

Sunday 22 October 2023
4pm – 7pm             Exhibitor Move Out

*All product, displays/stands must be removed by 7pm on Sunday 22 October 2023. Any goods remaining after 7pm will be deemed rubbish and removed at cost to the Exhibitor.

The loading dock entrance is located on the Darling Drive side of the venue. The exhibition centre loading dock facilities are on two levels. Access is via a slip-lane from the south bound lane on Darling Drive. A vehicle inspection check point with a boom gate is located at the bottom of the ramp on Darling Drive where you will be asked which show and hall your stand is located in.

The dock operates on a one-way circulation system to maximise efficiency and an unload limit of 20 minutes per vehicle applies. Each exhibition hall can be accessed via a 5.6 metres wide x 4.3 metres high loading dock door. The underground car park can be accessed via lift 6 or 12 to deliver your items to your stand.

A 20‐minute unloading limit applies to all vehicles in these areas. Time for larger vehicles are at the Dock Traffic Controller’s discretion. The driveway and ramps are classified as a tow‐away zone to ensure a continuous flow of traffic to the Exhibition Halls.

A speed limit of 5 km per hour is applicable on the Centre’s Loading Dock.

Infringement notices will be issued to vehicles that do not obey the rules sign posted on the condition of entry notices located at the vehicle checkpoints and on the Loading Docks. Marked thoroughfares must be kept clear at all times. The Venue accepts no responsibility for the safety of vehicles and their contents within Centre premises.

Exhibitors should be aware that:

  1. It is a condition of entry to all persons who require access to the Loading Docks that vehicles, equipment and personal belongings, i.e. bags etc. may be randomly searched by Centre Security Staff upon entering and exiting the Loading Docks
  2. Upon request, all drivers of vehicles requiring access to the Loading Docks must provide the event name, stand number or Exhibition Hall to Centre Security Staff to verify their identity
  3. Any person wishing to gain access to the Exhibition Centre outside the scheduled hours must seek approval from the Centre, through the Organiser, at least 24 hours in advance
  4. There is no parking available to Contractors or Exhibitors on the Loading Dock during the Move In, operation and Move Out of an Exhibition unless the Organiser has pre‐arranged this with either their Event Manager or the Logistics Control Coordinator
  5. By law, the Centre is required to maintain clear access for egress from all emergency exit doors leading onto the Loading Docks and to the fire stairwells on each Dock
  6. Darling Drive is patrolled by the NSW Police, operates as a public road and is subject to current road and traffic regulations. Please note that the driveway and ramps are classified as a tow‐away zone to ensure a continuous flow of traffic to the Exhibition Halls

Responsibility is not accepted, by either the Organiser, Logistics Contractor or Venue Management for any items delivered to the site in the absence of the Exhibitor, their Agent or Contractor.

ICC Sydney has three separate loading dock areas servicing ten docks in total. It is a requirement that all deliveries/pick-ups have a vehicle time slot booking in advance of arrival. Vehicles may not be accepted into the docks if no booking is made.


Location: Hall/Dock 1 – Exhibition (Lower)

Please Note: Goods cannot be delivered prior to 10am on Friday 20 October 2023. The Venue, Organiser and Logistics Contractor cannot accept delivery of goods on behalf of Exhibitors, nor will there be any responsibility taken for goods delivered in the absence of the Exhibitor. Deliveries cannot be signed for. If you do not plan on being present when your goods are delivered, please ensure you do not book a courier/transport service which requires a signature on delivery. Goods must be clearly labelled with the Event name, your company name and your stand number. 


If you require a forklift, please complete the Quote Request form or contact Sarsha Pruessner from GEL Events Event Logistics on tel 1300 013 533 or email sarsha@gelevents.com.au. Charges apply.  

Trolleys will be provided at no charge during Move In and Move Out on a first-in, first-served basis for a maximum period of 15-minutes per company. For an efficient Move In and Move Out, we suggest you supply your own trolley. Photo ID is required to borrow trolleys. Trolleys are not permitted on the escalators at any time.

Supplying Your Own Forklift or Mechanical Lifting Equipment

The use of forklifts and heavy mechanical lifting equipment is restricted to the Organiser’s official general Contractor and their Agents. No other company is permitted to bring a forklift or mechanical lifting equipment to site.

If you require a forklift, please complete the Quote Request form or contact Sarsha Pruessner from GEL Events on tel 1300 013 533 or email sarsha@gelevents.com.au. Charges apply.  


Hand carriable items may be removed via the front Entrance from 4pm on Sunday 22 October 2023 once the Exhibition Hall has been cleared of all Visitors.

Trolleys are not permitted on the escalators at any time.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Any product, displays/stands left after 7pm on Sunday 22 October 2023 will be deemed rubbish and removed at the cost to the Exhibitor. If your courier cannot pick up on time, please arrange storage with GEL Events. GEL Events will transport all courier pick-ups left after this time to their depot. Any costs will be charged to the Exhibitor.


Prepaid account cards for retail food and beverage purchases at all ICC Sydney cafés and bars are available to Exhibitors.

Please see the Stand Catering and Kiosk Account Order Form.

No balloons can be used as fixed features of an exhibit, event display or as table decoration.

Baby change facilities are located throughout ICC Sydney.

Dedicated parents’ rooms can be found in the following locations:

  • Convention Centre – Ground Level and Level 2
  • Exhibition Centre – Level 2
  • ICC Sydney Theatre – Level 2

Each parents’ room has a feeding area, change table and a food preparation area.

Printing services are available at the Exhibitor Services Desk situated at the southern end of Level 2 of the Exhibition Centre. The Desk is operated by ICC Sydney staff and is open during Move In, operational and Move Out stages of the Show.  

The following guidelines must be adhered to, to comply with Venue Health & Safety Regulations when displaying a vehicle:

  • A spotter must accompany any moving motor vehicle operating within the Exhibition Hall
  • A speed limit of 5 km/ph (walking pace) is applicable throughout the Venue
  • Hazard lights must be used whilst the motor vehicle is in motion within the Exhibition Hall
  • Place a drip tray underneath the vehicle
  • Ensure that vehicles carry no more than 5 litres of fuel (not including fuel that may be present in the fuel line and engine). Lock/seal fuel tanks to prevent removal by third parties
  • For vehicles fuelled by ethanol, methanol or nitro methane, the fuel tanks must be completely empty/purged
  • Provide contact details for the person/s delivering and collecting the vehicle/s
  • When vehicles are displayed on ICC Sydney flooring, carpet is required to be placed under tyres
  • Do not leave keys with the vehicle; a second set is to be provided to Venue security in case of an emergency
  • The location of the vehicle shall not obstruct or block exits
  • Under no circumstances is fuel to be decanted or vehicles filled in the Exhibition Hall or on the Loading Dock


PLEASE NOTE: You must submit a Vehicle Display Permit Form to the Venue.

Use & Operation
Use and operation of vehicles or mobile equipment (including bikes, scooters, buggies etc.) within any area of the Venue requires prior authorisation from ICC Sydney. Please ensure compliance with applicable regulatory requirements (e.g. licences, safety equipment, number of passengers, maximum load). ICC Sydney may require a Safety Management Plan relevant to the use of these vehicles.

Details of moving displays requires prior approval from ICC Sydney.

Ensure all vehicles displayed on a gradient (e.g. one set of wheels on a ramp) are locked and no access granted unless removing the vehicle from the display. If the display has the vehicle totally off the floor, use chains or straps to secure the vehicle for added safety.

If vehicle movement is required during the Event, a traffic management plan is required addressing safety, especially in and around Visitors. Details of moving displays require approval by ICC Sydney.


ICC Sydney has two car parks, providing patrons with access to a total of 826 parking bays, 365 days a year, 24 hours each day. The car park office is located in the Exhibition Centre car park.

The entrances to the car parks can be easily found by heading south along Darling Drive. Signage will assist and indicate how many bays are available or if the car park is full.

For convenience, one car park is located beneath the Exhibition Centre and the second is located next to the Main Theatre. Both car parks have a height restriction of 2.1 metres, are controlled by auto pay machines and provide convenient lift access to the Venue. 

For further information, please visit:  Parking information.

You are not permitted to paint, nail, staple, screw or glue to any floor, ceiling or wall within the International Convention Centre (ICC) Sydney. Plastic sheeting must be first placed on the floor where turf, woodchips etc. are used in your display.

Material used in stand construction must not cause dampness, staining, be readily ignitable or be capable of emitting toxic fumes should ignition occur.

No childcare facilities are available at the Venue at any time.

During Move In and Move Out periods’ children under the age of 15 years are not permitted in the Exhibition Halls or on the Loading Docks. At all other times children under the age of 15 years must be supervised by an adult in all areas within the Venue.

Stand vacuuming will occur the night before the Show. Any items placed in the aisles during Move In and during the Show will be deemed as rubbish and removed.

Individual stands may request overnight cleaning on Show operational dates through the Cleaning Services Order Form.     

The aisles are public walkways and therefore must not be used to display goods.

If demonstrating your product, you must place your display counter at least one (1) metre back from the front of your stand, to avoid crowds obstructing aisles. Any amplification must not interfere with adjacent Exhibitors.

Due to Work Health & Safety Regulations, all aisles must be free of obstacles – furniture, accessories, displays are not permitted in the aisles.


Installation of hand sets and digital lines is available for phones, EFTPOS and modems. Please complete the Phone Services Order Form.

Internet & Networking Solutions

Wireless connectivity is readily available throughout the Venue. Visitors have access to free public Wi‐Fi, for basic browsing, email and social media.

Premium service and event specific network services for Clients and Exhibitors can be requested by completing the Internet Services Order Form

The Venue  does  not  allow  the  use  of  wireless  access  points  other  than  the  Venue  fixed  wireless  infrastructure  and  reserves  the  right  to  disable  wireless  transmitting  devices  found  to  be  causing interference.

Goods cannot be delivered prior to 7am on Friday 20 October 2023.

The Venue, Organiser and Logistics Contractor cannot accept delivery of goods on behalf of Exhibitors, nor will there be any responsibility taken for goods delivered in the absence of the Exhibitor. Deliveries cannot be signed for. If you do not plan on being present when your goods are delivered, please ensure you do not book a courier/transport service which requires a signature on delivery. 

Goods must be clearly labelled with the Event name, your company name and your stand number. 

To comply with Work Health & Safety and egress requirements of the Venue, all aisles must remain unobstructed.

Exhibitors are not permitted to display any materials or products outside of their allocated stand space. Any materials or products found to be encroaching into the aisles will be removed.

All Exhibitors and staff working on stands will require a badge to get in and out of the Show. Badges should always be worn during Show days (not required during Move In).

To order your badges fill out the form in the exhibitor online portal.

Badges will be available for collection from the Registration Desk during Move In on Friday 20 October 2023 

All exhibiting products must be directly related to the Exhibition profile and accord with the Exhibitor’s nominated products for exhibit. The Organiser has the right to remove goods that are inappropriate to the Event – particularly overt copy goods.

Any materials used for display purposes must conform to the following standards:

  • Non-combustible material
  • Inherently non-flammable material
  • Flame-proof fabric
  • Self-extinguishing plastic material
  • Plywood, hardwood, pulpboard or fibre board rendered flame-resistant by a process of impregnation acceptable to the Venue authorities

Flammable building material used for stand walls must be fire proofed. The use of readily flammable material in displays, such as crepe paper, corrugated cardboard, straw, untreated hessian, or PVC sheet (except on floors as a protective membrane) is strictly prohibited without the express approval of the Organiser, to obtain approval please email freefromadmin@iecgroup.com.au

 Sawdust, tan bark or wood chips of a reasonable size may be used to decorate floors, provided a protective membrane is laid first and chips are slightly moist at all times. Hay bales can only be used onsite if treated with fire retardant.

In the event of any accident or emergency, please notify a Security Guard onsite or report to the Organisers immediately.

GEL Events has been appointed the official Logistics Contractor for the Event.


GEL Events specialises in exhibition freight forwarding – both domestic and international. GEL Events can ensure that your product, display and merchandise are in the right place, at the right time, providing a complete transport, materials handling and storage service. GEL Events provides a complete service including monitoring of freight from your door step right through to your exhibition stand to make sure your goods are handled in a professional manner and all formalities /deadlines are met. If you are using GEL Events, your goods will automatically be delivered to your exhibition stand.


Your goods can be delivered to the Venue from 7am on Friday 20 October 2023 and must be clearly labelled with the Event name, your company name and exhibition stand number. The address details are:


21 – 22 OCTOBER 2023

Any Goods delivered to the Venue prior to 7am on Friday 20 October 2023 cannot be accepted.


Goods delivered with courier services (e.g. FedEx, UPS, DHL) cannot be guaranteed. Exhibitors are advised to make an advanced warehousing arrangement to ensure their samples and products are delivered to the Event during Move In. Exhibitors who choose not to book this service are at risk of logistical problems with their products and samples not arriving in time for the Event opening. The Organiser cannot take responsibility for Goods not arriving nor assist in following up on delayed deliveries or liaise with Customs to clear goods.

As the Event Move In has very tight deadlines, we highly recommend using GEL Events as their service is door-to-stand and they work weekends and outside normal business hours.

It is the responsibility of each Exhibitor and Stand Builder to ensure that a safe working environment is maintained before, during and after the Event.

The ‘OH&S Staff Induction Checklist’ document highlights 
essential information all staff working at the Event must know before coming onsite. Use this checklist in your pre-Event meeting or staff training packs.

Goods Insurance

The Organiser does not have an insurance policy which covers Exhibitors’ goods. You are therefore advised to extend your Property Insurance Policy to cover loss of stock and display equipment due to theft or damage.

Public Liability Insurance

All Exhibitors must have Public Liability Insurance cover of at least $20 million AUD. In most cases, this can be achieved by extending your policy through your Insurance Broker. Alternatively, you can contact the Organiser to purchase appropriate cover. Unless pre-arranged the Organiser does not provide insurance coverage for Exhibitors.

A kiosk is located inside, at the front of the Exhibition Hall and will be operational during Show hours.

Please note the following:

  • Storing LPG within the Venue overnight is not permissible so ensure cylinders are removed and stored in gas cages in areas pre-approved by ICC Sydney
  • All LPG installations must comply with relevant legislation and Australian Standards
  • LPG cylinders are limited to 45kg per 50m2, with a total of 180kg for the whole event; additional or larger cylinders requires the approval of the ICC Sydney Risk & Compliance Officer
  • All LPG cylinders are to have a gas fuse attached; unconnected LPG cylinders are to be placed a fair distance from naked flames
  • A powder fire extinguisher ABE, distinguished by a white band around the top of the cylinder, is required in the stand, and staff trained in its use
  • No section of the LPG system is to be accessible to event attendees
  • Only trained and authorised persons are to operate equipment fuelled by LPG

To obtain approval, complete and return the Hazardous Substances and LPG Permit Form.

The Venue’s permission is required for the use of naked flames or candles. Naked flames or candles can feature in a stand or booth if they are part of the product range or used for product demonstration. Proposals for use of naked flames on stands must be made in writing no less than fourteen (14) days prior to the commencement of the Show. 


Please see the Naked Flames Permit Form.


Naked flames include the use of cooking equipment, barbecues, heaters, candles, oil burners, etc.

  • A fire extinguisher and/or a fire blanket shall be kept on the stand in an area accessible to the general public. This fire extinguisher shall be properly signed
  • Under no circumstances will the stand be left unattended when the flame is alight
  • No flammable material shall be within one (1) metre of the flame
  • Flames shall be extinguished 15-minutes prior to the stand being vacated at the end of the day
  • Flames will be situated so that members of the public cannot come into contact with the flame or any surface likely to burn the person or ignite their clothing. Facilities used for cooking must have an automatic emergency cut off switch

Appropriate first aid equipment/items must be in place.

All areas of the Venue, including the Loading Dock, Foyer and Balcony areas are non-smoking.

Please note that all power within the Exhibition Halls will be switched off overnight during the Event.

If you require continuous power to your stand, please inform the Organiser in writing by emailing freefromadmin@iecgroup.com.au no later Friday 6 October 2023.

Promotional staff may roam the Exhibition floor and are permitted to hand out promotional material from anywhere within the Exhibition Hall, except within a six (6) metre radius of any direct competitor or at the entrance/s to the Event. All promotional staff must be appropriately dressed. 

The Organiser reserves the right to cease any promotional activity taking place outside of stands at its own discretion.

The public-address system is for use by the Organiser for official announcements only. It is only available to Exhibitors or Visitors in the case of genuine emergencies.

The International Convention Centre (ICC) Sydney is well serviced by buses, trains, light rail, and water transport. For more information visit: Getting there.

Banners must only be hung over an Exhibitor space and not over an aisle way.

All rigging at the International Convention Centre (ICC) Sydney must be done through Venue approved rigging companies. Our preferred Rigging Contractor for the Event is Clifton Productions to obtain a rigging quote please contact Clifton Productions on 03 9416 6844 or email expo@cprig.com

Any items placed in the aisles during Move In, during the Show as well as any items still remaining at the Venue once the Move Out has completed will be deemed as rubbish and removed.

A roaming Security Guard will be in attendance during Move In, Move Out and throughout the Show. It is your responsibility during Show hours to have someone on your stand 30 minutes before opening and until all Visitors have left the building. Under no circumstances should Exhibitors leave personal valuables on stands. Report any missing goods immediately to the Organiser’s Office.

Whilst Security Guards will be present during the Move Out, you should have a staff member on your stand to protect your goods. Pay particular attention to security of small valuable items, mobile phones, laptop computers etc.

24-hour perimeter security is in operation throughout the Event’s entire schedule. Exhibitors are advised that they are responsible for their own product security. We recommend Exhibitors ensure a representative remains on their stand until all product has been removed during Move Out.

Staff working on stands will not be admitted without presentation of their Exhibitor Badge to the door Security Guard. Exhibitors may enter 60 minutes prior to the Event opening each day, or earlier with approval from the Organiser. Early arrivals must stay on their stand and not wander around the Exhibition Hall.

Temporary structures built for exhibitions or events must comply with relevant legislation, and must be constructed

with utmost concern for the safety of the public, employees and contractors. This includes areas pertaining to egress, height, fire safety and flammability ratings of materials. All stands must be designed and constructed in accordance with all relevant Australian Standards and obtain Venue approval prior to the Event.

Mandatory safety requirements are as follows:

  •  A stand with a roof or ceiling larger than two (2) metres is required to provide additional fire protection equipment, such as a smoke detector and portable CO2 or dry chemical extinguisher.
  • Halogen lighting cannot be used at ICC Sydney without the express written permission of the venue.
  • All temporary spot lights or the like are to be a minimum of 300mm from the partitions or combustible goods and or materials.
  • Any custom-built stand with a floor area of more than 50sqm is to be provided with at least one (1) alternative means of egress to the walkways.
  • Barriers incorporated into a custom-built stand are to be designed so that they yield to pressure without toppling. A maximum average fuel load height of 5m is permitted from ground level to its highest point for the lower exhibition halls e.g. it is acceptable for lighting, cables and lightweight banners to be located at high level near the trusses but not densely stacked combustible products and stands. All custom stand plans require approval from ICC Sydney prior to construction. Double storey stands require an engineer certificate on completion of building.



Important considerations for a safety-conscious stand design include the following:

  • Structures in the lower exhibition halls do not exceed 5m in height.
  • Strict compliance with the National Construction Code 2019 (NCC) and all other relevant Australian Standards.
  • Procedures are in place for safely erecting and dismantling the stand once onsite, within the allocated time frame.
  • Stand dimensions fit the allocated space with sufficient clearance.
  • Materials used for stand construction comply with fire hazard properties set out in the National Construction Code 2019 (NCC).
  • All materials used for lining, drapes, backdrops, blinds or overhead structures, signs, banners, theming, or similar for displays or any part available to the public are to be fire retardant as per the National Construction Code 2019 (NCC) requirements and other relevant Australian Standards. ICC Sydney may request submission of all information or documentation confirming the retardant capabilities of the materials.
  • All two storey custom stands will require an engineer’s certificate prior to construction and an Engineer’s signoff once constructed to ensure compliance with certification.
  • Use materials that do not cause dampness, stain and are not readily ignitable or capable of emitting toxic fumes in case of ignition.
  • Plywood, hardwood, pulp board or fibreboard are to be rendered flame-resistant by a process deemed acceptable by fire authorities.
  • When decorating or theming, materials such as crepe paper, corrugated cardboard, straw, hay bales, untreated hessian or PVC sheet (except on floors as a protective membrane) are not to be used without prior ICC Sydney approval.
  • Sawdust, tan bark or wood chips of a reasonable size may be used to decorate floors, provided a protective membrane is laid first and chips are kept slightly moist at all times. Cleaning charges apply

Stand Visibility

  • The Venue requires all stands to be open for visual inspection at all times
  • No stands are to be covered or blocked by fabric or material at any time as this can be a fire safety hazard
  • The ICC Sydney will conduct regular stand visual safety inspections and need to be able to sight the stand build


All custom-built stands require approval prior to Move In. Stand plans and confirmation that the wall system erected is self-supporting must be submitted to the Organiser by Monday 18 September 2023. Please email all plans and documentation to carly.molnar@iecgroup.com.au


There will be limited storage facilities for packing materials and boxes. It is recommended that Exhibitors consider their storage needs (of packing crates and freight forwarding materials) for the duration of the Exhibition. Exhibitors may not leave boxes and packing material in the exhibition display area during the Event. GEL Events can arrange off-site storage. Charges apply.


Exhibitors or their stand builders requiring offsite storage during the Event, must pre-book these services in advance with GEL Events. Charges apply.


Please note:

  • If you are using your own transport company, GEL Events cannot sign for delivery of goods on your behalf. Please ensure you make specific arrangements with your transport provider and/or ensure you have a representative onsite at the time of delivery
  • GEL Events standard trading conditions apply for services provided – it is important that you are aware of these. Services include: transport, cranage, forklift, porterage, clearance, delivery, storage, positioning and all other onsite services

All electrical equipment entering the Venue must comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 and Australian Standards. This Act affects all electrical equipment used in the workplace, including equipment brought into the Venue by contractors or third parties. The outward sign of compliance with the act will be the electrical test tag compliant with AS3760: 2003. 

The Venue reserves the right to remove or replace any electrical equipment not complying with the Act. Power cords which are detachable such as IEC leads, extension leads, and power boards are separate items and need to be tested independently from the equipment they are supplied with.


Water & Drainage 

ICC Sydney is the exclusive provider of water and drainage services within the Venue. Due to restricted access to water supply on the Exhibition floor, it is crucial that all plumbing requirements are ordered well in advance of the Move In date. ICC Sydney provides required water and drainage connection points in the nearest pit or trench. It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to arrange connection from the service pit to equipment as well as any requirement for self‐contained sinks. 


Compressed Air  

Compressed air is available in the upper and lower Exhibition Halls. The system consists of:

  • Reticulation system is sized for approximately 12,500 L/Min per Hall
  • 80 diameter compressed air ring main reticulated in trenches within Lower Halls (1-4) and Upper Halls (5-7)
  • 50mm diameter compressed air pipework reticulated through trenches within Halls 2, 3 and 6 running from Foyer to Loading Dock
  • 80mm isolation valves in ring main to enable each Hall to be independently supplied with compressed air, if required
  • 80mm Ball Valve Female Thread available at ends for mobile air compressor
  • ICC Sydney do not have dedicated compressors onsite to feed air to the system. Compressors will need to be hired. The ICC Sydney needs to be advised of the compressor specifications and proposed location/s. All diesel compressors will need to be housed in an uncovered area of the Loading Docks

If you require any of the above utility services, please complete the Event Plumbing Order Form or contact F.Wood & Son Plumbing at admin@fwoodplumbing.au

ICC Sydney is committed to managing the risk of falls at the Venue, and permission is required when working at height. Any person working at height must comply with applicable codes of practice.

Please refer to the ICC Sydney Safety Guidelines for further information or the Working at Heights Permit Form for more information.