Nourishing your body through a plant-based diet with Elly McLean

Join Holistic Nutritionist, Elly McLean for a session dedicated to helping you better understand your digestive system, from top to bottom, so you can be your own personal detective. In leaving this session you will have an understanding of what your digestive symptoms are trying to tell you and how your diet influences. We’ll look into the specifics of plant based nutrition and how to optimise this for the sake of gut health.

Picture of Elly McLean

Elly McLean

I’m a marathon runner, Nutritionist, yogi and yes, my favourite food is kale. I believe that food is fuel and should be enjoyed, not feared. I have a bachelor’s degree in Health Science, majoring in Exercise Science and Nutrition.  I’m an Associate of the Nutrition Society of Australia, registered with the  Complimentary Medicine Association and a certified Integrative Health Coach. I specialise in metabolic efficiency for fat loss, endurance performance, gut health and longevity. My recipes are plant based because I believe the world needs inspiration to eat fewer animals.

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