Vegan Week Virtual Show 2021

Pathology 101 - using Pathology to accurately assess the efficacy of your Plant Based diet and possible Supplemental Requirements

Living Free From: Vegan Whole Spice Roast Cauliflower with Tahini & Pomegranate

Cook Along with Bella Gray - Beans and Rice Bowl

Vegan standards and food labelling laws in Australia

Plant-based eating for the planet: The benefits of plant-based diets for personal and planetary health

Learn about the current environmental impact of our food and dietary choices and how plant-based eating patterns can benefit both human and planetary health.

Living Free From: Vegan Paella

What is the difference between a Vegan, Vegetarian & a Plant-Based Diet

Wondering what makes a vegan diet different to a vegetarian diet? What about the plant-based, where does this fit in? In this presentation, Dietitian Rebecca Ponsford, will explain exactly what the terms vegan, vegetarian and plant-based actually mean when it comes to food. We’ll explore the similarities and also the differences between these diets and discuss the benefits and possible risks of eating plant based.

Living Free From: Vegan Moussaka

How to Successfully Maintain a Vegan Diet while finding your IBS Triggers

This presentation is about helping people realise you can find your IBS triggers even on a Vegan diet. I take people through what IBS is, how to find your triggers including an overview on the low FODMAP diet. I highlight key nutrients to look out for while on a vegan diet and how to include these in low FODMAP serves.

Cook Along with Sharon Selby from Deliciously Allergy Free

Join Sharon Selby from Deliciously Allergy Free while she cooks her Vegan Chocolate Cake (free from all 8 classics allergens)

The important nutrients to be mindful of when adopting a vegan diet

Are you new to vegan eating? Or have you been eating this way for a while now? Whatever your situation, ensuring that you are consuming these important nutrients in a variety of different ways will help you to stay healthy, well balanced and less likely to experience nutritional deficiencies/adverse side effects with removing particular food groups.

Cooking with Buffy Ellen - Healthy Ginger Crunch

Remember ginger crunch, with all that icing sugar? This one kicks refined sugars to the curb, and is also entirely nut-free, making it great for schools, allergies, and your wallet.

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