FODMAP Edition Virtual Show 2022: My IBS Story (gut healing/management) – Kristyn Usher

Have you been caught not being able to find a toilet while you’re out and your gut is exploding! I have, and it makes you want to stay at home, not eat out, not go on holidays, just live a predictable controlled life. The symptoms of IBS or gut issues are extremely common and can be controlling, if you let them, I determined not to! Maybe something in my story might connect with you and give you an idea (I’m super practical) and some hope.

Picture of Kristyn Usher

Kristyn Usher

Kristyn is so many of you, fondly referred to as the ‘problem child’ she has battled gut health since age 16. After a very long journey of trying so many different procedures, tests, diets and medications she finally got her gut ‘under control’ thanks to journeying with her sister and Naturopath Alissa. Kristyn now journeys with her daughter on her challenging gut health journey and so many others as she works within this field. Being an avid foodie and traveller, she is determined to help others be free from their gut issues so they can get on with living a full life.

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