Vegan Week Virtual Show 2021: How to Successfully Maintain a Vegan Diet while finding your IBS Triggers – Jaz Byrne

This presentation is about helping people realise you can find your IBS triggers even on a Vegan diet. I take people through what IBS is, how to find your triggers including an overview on the low FODMAP diet. I highlight key nutrients to look out for while on a vegan diet and how to include these in low FODMAP serves.

Picture of Jaz Byrne

Jaz Byrne

Jasmine loves cooking and more importantly, eating! She is passionate about helping people improve their relationship with food by making it less stressful, more accessible and enjoyable! She chose to pursue dietetics as it was the perfect mix of food and science. Jasmine grew up in a small farming community and made the move to Melbourne to study Dietetics at Deakin University. She is now an Accredited Practising dietitian and has experience in many areas including rural health, community rehabilitation, aged care and disability. She loves working with clients face to face and via telehealth. She particularly loves telehealth because it opens up the possibility for people living rurally to access healthcare without the long drive or waiting lists. Outside of her work as a dietitian her personal interests are also food related! On the weekend you'll usually find her experimenting in the kitchen, eating out, cooking for friends and family, trying new food products or more recently, learning to cook in the camp oven. Jasmine has completed the Monash FODMAP Training Course for Dietitians and is a member of Dietitians Australia.

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