Fodmap Edition Virtual Show 2021: How to Low FODMAP Your Favourite Recipes – Chelsea McCallum

Have you been told to follow a low FODMAP diet and feel limited, lost and confused? Chelsea, an IBS Dietitian and FODMAP Expert will show you how to modify your favourite sweet and savoury recipes so that you can gain control over your symptoms whilst enjoying food that you love.  These simple strategies can be applied to almost any recipe to ensure that it is tummy-friendly.

Picture of Chelsea McCallum

Chelsea McCallum

Chelsea McCullum is a Dietitian based in Brisbane, Australia. She has a virtual clinic where she coaches clients 1:1 to help reduce their bloat and determine their food triggers. Prior to being a Dietitian, she was a Recipe Developer in Sydney. She loves cooking FODMAP friendly meals and making IBS bearable with delicious food. She completed her degree in Australia but has continued professional development in Australian and abroad in the UK. 

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