Coeliac Awareness Week Virtual Show 2021: Living with Coeliac Disease – Emily Doherty (@glutenfreebucklist)

What is it like to live with Coeliac Disease? How do you get by and try to live a normal life? The FFA team sat down with Emily Doherty, founder of the gluten-free bucket list to talk about her experience with coeliac disease. Emily shares some tips and tricks as to how she was able to adapt and change her lifestyle and how she tries to focus on the positives that this journey has taught her.

Picture of Emily Doherty

Emily Doherty

Emily Doherty is originally from Queensland but now lives in Melbourne, Victoria. She is a qualified Speech Pathologist with a Bachelor of Business Management, majoring in Marketing and International Business. Emily is also a model, digital content creator and pilates instructor. After being diagnosed with Coeliac Disease in 2012, Emily created “Gluten Free Bucket List” (@glutenfreebucketlist) to raise awareness for Coeliac Disease and to support others by sharing products, dining suggestions, recipes and information.

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