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Shining a light on the products that assist with your allergies and intolerances.

Cow’s milk allergy vs lactose intolerance

Cow’s milk allergy and lactose intolerance can often be confused, however these conditions are vastly different. This short presentation aims to highlight the differences between the two conditions and will explore symptoms, diagnosis and management of both cow’s milk allergy and lactose intolerance. It will touch on potential nutrients at risk on a restricted diet and also emphasize the importance of engaging an Accredited Practising Dietitian to assist in achieving nutritional adequacy for any life stage.

Benefits of a low-carb, low-sugar, gluten-free eating style

Hear from Linda Martinucci, the founder of Simply Swap Foods talking about the personal health journey that led to her food business being created.  Linda talks about what a real food diet actually means, how you can easily start down this path and the benefits you can enjoy by following a low-carb/low-sugar/gluten-free eating style.

Simply Swap Foods is committed to helping others experience the benefits of an eating style with less sugar and carbohydrates.  Their make-at-home decadent and delicious cake and porridge mixes contain only nutritious premium ingredients that are good for your health plus are sugar-free, low-carb, gluten-free, dairy-free and keto. Now no-one has to miss out on their favourite treats while changing to healthier eating.  All they have done – with time and research – is ‘simply swapped’ some ingredients and it’s their hope to show others just how easy it is and how great you can feel.

How to eat with confidence! The FODMAP Friendly certification process

Learn about IBS & the low FODMAP diet and how FODMAP Friendly products can help you to eat with confidence!

In this video, Amy and Ijmeet discuss what IBS is, how the low FODMAP diet can be used to manage IBS and how the FODMAP Friendly certified food products can help if you’re following a low FODMAP diet.

Resources for success on the Low FODMAP Diet

When those with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) start to follow a low FODMAP diet for the management of gut symptoms, it doesn’t take long to recognise how restrictive the diet is.

Insights into ausEE Inc. and Australian Allergy Friendly Finds

Watch as ausEE Inc.’s CEO and Founder, Sarah Gray, shares insights about ausEE and the six pillars of their mission to improve the lives of those affected by eosinophilic diseases. Also covered in this video is information about Australian Allergy Friendly Finds, which is ausEE’s dedicated pages on Facebook and Instagram sharing allergy friendly foods, places, products and recipes to help people living with an eosinophilic gastrointestinal disease and/or allergies.

Allergy free scones with quick blueberry chia jam

Allergy free scones with quick blueberry chia jam Recipe By Courtney Roulston

Makes 10-12 Dietaries: Gluten Free, Dairy Free/Vegan, Nut Free, Egg Free

BBQ Fish with Sweet n Sour Lemon Grass Dressing

Recipe by Michael Weldon

Intolerances: Low Fodmap

The Low FODMAP diet for Vegans

As FODMAPs are found exclusively in plant foods (except for lactose in dairy products), and vegans rely solely on plant-based foods, this can make it difficult (though not impossible!) for vegans to follow a low FODMAP diet and still consume essential nutrients. Dietitians from the Monash University FODMAP Diet team answer common questions on following both diets, explain key nutrients to consider and provide examples of nutritious low FODMAP vegan foods.

What is Sensitive Choice and why is it important?

Sensitive Choice helps millions of people worldwide to live better with asthma and allergies. It does this by educating people about the importance of managing their asthma, providing consumers with a way of identifying products and services that may benefit people with asthma and /or allergies and improve health and wellbeing
Encouraging manufacturers and suppliers to produce products and services that are asthma and allergy friendly, raising funds for NAC to better support health education and treatment Guidelines.

Introducing Charlie’s Safe Treat Box to the allergy community

Charlie’s Safe Treat Box offers yummy treats free of the top ten food allergens through simple, convenient and easy-to-access options for the Australian allergy community. 

We are here to help those within the allergy community to feel included, worry-free, and less burdened to source their own safe snacks all the time. We want to help allergy children feel socially included and free when making food choices and for everyone of all ages living with any of the top 10 food allergens to feel the ease that comes with having safe food options.

Your one stop for all of your allergy products

As an allergy family, we know just how hard it can be living with allergies. Throw in trying to find all the impossible tools you might need, from everyday groceries, to travel snacks, to specialty products like wet wrapping and EpiPen bags, and you’ve just complicated life even more! This is why The Allergy Alley was created. One stop for all of your allergy products, information and ideas to make your life a whole lot simpler.

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