Living Free From Show 2022: Introducing Charlie’s Safe Treat Box to the allergy community

Introducing Charlie's Safe Treat Box to the allergy community
Charlie’s Safe Treat Box offers yummy treats free of the top ten food allergens through simple, convenient and easy-to-access options for the Australian allergy community. 

We are here to help those within the allergy community to feel included, worry-free, and less burdened to source their own safe snacks all the time. We want to help allergy children feel socially included and free when making food choices and for everyone of all ages living with any of the top 10 food allergens to feel the ease that comes with having safe food options.

Charlie’s Safe Treat Box is created with love for those in the allergy community, by a parent that understands the challenges, risks and exhaustion of living in fear of allergic reactions. Our mission is to create a safe, trusted space for people living in Australia with life-threatening food allergies to source treats free from the top 10 food allergens with freedom and ease, through simple and convenient methods such as gift boxes, subscription boxes and vending machines.

All products have been through an extensive approval process which requires the manufacturer to complete our supplier questionnaire which contains approximately 100 questions.

Picture of Free From And Allergy Virtual Show

Free From And Allergy Virtual Show

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