Established in The Netherlands in 2008, Intoleran (previously Disolut) has provided a range of supplements to assist people living with a food intolerance to be able to consume food that would normally trigger symptoms – and now in Australia since 2020.

The intolerances our range covers includes the FODMAPs: Fructose, Fructans & Galactans, Lactose, as well as Sucrose, Starch, Histamine & Amine. Our range minimises extra additives wherever possible, and we have selected products Monash FODMAP certified. We aim to be vegan, gluten and GMO free as much as possible and these are clearly marked on our products where applicable. We also offer a combination product helpful for those with multiples intolerances.

We view these as part of a holistic approach, part of the toolbox to manage a food intolerance, which includes consultation with your dietitian or doctor to ensure diagnosis of your intolerance or other digestive issues and suitable care plan. We can provide an extra support or safety net when you need, and especially handy at restaurants, parties or when travelling – anywhere where you may not be in control of the menu, or simply want to enjoy a food again that you normally avoid.

The majority of our range is taken when required at the time of the meal or drink, but we do offer products that can be taken as a regular support. Supporting evidence for our products can be found on our website. We have a dietitian (APD) and pharmacist to provide support for customer and dietitian queries, and our team of dietitians in The Netherlands is onhand to assist with queries as well.

Remko Himestra founded the company in The Netherlands due to his and his son’s lactose intolerance, and similarly our Australian Managing Director brought these products to Australia being a pharmacist that was frustrated that there weren’t suitable options locally for his and his children’s food intolerances. In late 2020 the company known as Disolut was majority acquired and now headed by International Managing Director, Harmen Treep, who comes from a wealth of business, product development and marketing experience with time spent at Unilever, TomTom and Sonos. With Harmen the rebrand to Intoleran began along with more international expansion, we see Intoleran now in the UK, China, Italy, Spain and Belgium with more countries in the pipeline.

We find great pleasure in the personal stories we hear, where a child could enjoy a birthday party, where someone could enjoy a meal out with their mates, or simply take a plane flight with less anxiety about their food intolerance symptoms.


Lactase 20,000 (5 capsules, trial pack)

For lactose intolerance, this is our 20,000 FCC tablets. This product contains the enzyme lactase.

Starchway (5 capsules, trial pack)

Starchway is helpful for surcrose and/or starch intolerance. It is also helpful for those with CSID, and has shown activity for maltose intolerance. It is taken at the time of the meal or drink, and contains the enzymes Invertase and Glucoamylase.

Fructase (5 capsules, trial pack)

Fructase helps those with fructose intolerance, it contains the enzyme Xylose Isomerase. This product is taken at the time of the meal or drink.

Fibractase Forte (5 capsules, trial pack)

Fibractase Forte helps those with fructan and/or galactan intolerance. This product contains the enzyme Alpha Galactosidase. It is taken at time of the meal or drink. Fructans can be found it foods such as garlic and onion.

Quatrase Forte (5 capsules, trial pack)

Quatrase contains four enzymes for the following types of intolerances:

Lactose Intolerance
Fructose Intolerance
Sucrose Intolerance
Fructan and Galactan Intolerance

As enzymes act locally in the gut, if you have two or three intolerances, not all four, there is no problem in taking an enzyme that you do not need, so this would be the preferable option for both convenience of only needing to carry one product with you, and more cost effective.

Cozidase (60 capsules)

Our vegetarian and vegan option for histamine/amine intolerance

For those that are deficient in the DAO enzyme, which can cause Histamine or Amine Intolerance which includes ‘Asian Flush Syndrome’.

Cozidase supports the function of the DAO enzyme by supplementing key vitamins and minerals that assist its function.

Keep in mind that Cozidase needs a few days of use to generate an effect.

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