Coeliac Awareness Week Virtual Show 2021: The Importance of Seeking Out a Dietitian After Being Diagnosed – Shari Reeves

This video presentation covers 5 key reasons about why it is so important for someone who has been diagnosed with coeliac disease to see a dietitian. The 5 key points of how dietitians can positively impact someone with Coeliac disease will be briefly discussed and include: 1. Increasing clients knowledge & understanding of coeliac disease & the GF diet. 2. Provide personalised nutrition advice & support. 3. Raise awareness of & assist in preventing CD complications. 4. Address other food intolerances/allergies. 5. Correct misinformation & eliminate confusion.
Picture of Shari Reeves

Shari Reeves

I’m Shari, an Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD) who graduated with a Bachelor of Health Sciences and Masters in Dietetic Practice from La Trobe University. I developed my passion for nutrition due to a very rare genetic condition that I was diagnosed with at age 21. The condition causes a lot of serious health problems that I won’t bore you with, but the main outcome of it is that I require warfarin (a blood thinner) for life. If you haven’t heard of warfarin before, it’s ability to work is impacted by Vitamin K (found in dark leafy green vegetables), medications, herbs & spices and alcohol (and umm, basically anything else that enters your body!) Due to this, I need to constantly monitor my Warfarin dose via weekly/monthly blood tests. I always loved health and food but it was this event that truly opened my eyes to the human body in terms of how it functions and how nutrition impacts so many aspects of our health.

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