Coeliac Awareness Week Virtual Show 2022: How to build a GF dish with sensory impact – Adam Rice

This workshop is designed to improve the quality and edibility of any dish that needs a bit more zhuzh. By exploring the Sensory Impact Model (“Insert the SIM”), – an essential foundation derived from modern cookery that explains the theories of building a delicious dish, you’ll say goodbye to needing a recipe every time you cook.

Based on the fundamentals of gastro-physics, you will learn and gain an understanding of how to Insert the SIM and build flavour profiles that contain the elements of taste (sweet, salty, sour and bitter) and flavour (texture, spice, umami, herb and fat) to create a dish with Sensory Impact. Supported by The Nourish Cookbook, a lesson on Culinary theory, Ayurvedic medicine and Wellbeing, the book teaches strategic thinking to better equip you with ways to identify individual flavour elements to build a flavoursome, Chef-quality meal, suiting specific needs and health requirements.

With the addition of the Facebook Community, you will learn the foundations of cookery so you can better understand how to manage your dietary limitations with likeminded others.

Picture of Adam Rice

Adam Rice

Hello I am Adam Rice, Culinary mentor & Chef. Welcome to Better Food Bureau … a little about us and how BFB was conceived…. I have worked in the food industry for over twenty years; you might say that I am well ‘seasoned’. I embarked on my career in hospitality at age 12, washing dishes on the weekends at restaurants on the Mornington Peninsula. Since then, I trained at several renowned restaurants abroad and across Australia, including Ezard, Gingerboy, The Sharing House, and The Corner Hotel Alexandra, and currently working as a consultant and chef for various businesses around Melbourne, all of which had acquainted me with the flavours and practices of foreign cuisine. I qualified in many culinary cultures and styles including (but not limited to) French, Italian, Modern European, Japanese, Thai and Vietnamese. I progressed onto a Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, with a subset study in Agribusiness (HD). Throughout my professional cooking career, I’ve encountered hundreds of people with specific dietary requirements, intolerances and allergies. People with time restrictions and minimal knowledge endure the daily meal struggle and businesses and their frustration amidst varied dietary requests and management. Dietary requirements should not negatively affect life, despite allergies affecting nearly 20% of Australians. We’ve identified that many people and businesses lack the proper food education and practices to adequately manage their diets or customer requests. This realization prompted me to create BFB, and our goal is simple: To educate people and businesses on how to make more informed food choices surrounding food allergies and intolerances, reduce risks, and inspire them to discover and enjoy the vastly delicious meal options available to them. We aim to equip you with the culinary skills, techniques and strategies that will enable you to recreate personally tailored, restaurant-quality food that caters for diners with specific dietary needs. We maintain high standards to ensure we exceed your expectations. As a team, we hold a wealth of culinary knowledge, resources and expertise, and work alongside certified health professionals to carefully tailor recipes to satisfy your circumstances and your taste buds. In this interview, Adam will talk you through his journey of what it was like living with poor gut health and how it affected all parts of his life – from his sleep to his weight, to his happiness. He will tell the story of testing, the importance of herbs and natural medicine, the requirement for diligent management of what he was eating, plus, how it sparked a passion for fermenting foods. For more information about the bfb food list and what we do feel free to join our free Facebook group “Cooking for dietary restrictions” free facebook page.

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