ausEE Inc Virtual Show 2021: Heal your skin, Naturally!

Heal your skin, Naturally! Hemp Co Australia
Hemp Co Australia is a new skincare line that was specifically  designed with sensitive skin in mind. We created our products as we needed to remove all the toxins in our house and that we were using on our skin. But nothing seemed to work, or was really natural once you did a little deeper research. So I created a list of products usi9ng ingredients that I was happy to use everyday and found a chemist who specialises in sensitive skin skincare and we started creating the products for personal use. Then we have expanded after seeing amazing results in different users. 

Hemp Co Australia hand crafts skin care and beard care that is vegan and natural, and that actually works. We use only the highest quality ingredients in every product we make, meaning there are no nasties or hidden toxins. Our products help to shrink pores, decrease inflammation and redness while nourishing and moisturising skin to help with that natural glow! Or if you have a beard, our range will manage and prevent beard rash, beard itch and condition the skin under a beard, or after a fresh shave.The main ingredient in each of our products, Hemp Seed Oil, is perfect for all skin types.

We also have a 20% off your first order as well as a satisfaction guarantee – so if the products are suitable and not helping the customer we will refund them. We sell to many people at markets with sensitive skin and we haven’t had any requests for refunds yet. 




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