Vegan Week Virtual Show 2022: Harriet Lidgard – Importance of well balanced meal and additional nutrition

Importance of well balanced meal and additional nutrition - Harriet Lidgard
In this video we chat about why it is important to create well balanced meals, the importance of each macronutrient, an easy way to start creating balanced meals and how to start focusing on addition nutrition and adding extra goodness to your diet, rather than focusing on the things you are cutting out to ensure you create and maintain a healthy and enjoyable relationship with food.

Picture of Harriet Well

Harriet Well

A qualified nutritionist (BSc) and health coach, as well as a very passionate foodie. I support women to heal their relationship with food, break the binge eating cycle and regain self-trust so they can feel confident and live a healthy balanced life with ease. My number one tip when it comes to your health and nutrition is to focus on addition/what you can add to your life and diet rather than what you are cutting out.

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