Fodmap Edition Virtual Show 2021: Food Chemicals or FODMAPs, What’s Your IBS Trigger? – Joanna Baker

Research indicates 50-80% of people get an improvement on the low FODMAP Diet. But, what if you’re one of the 20-50% that don’t?

Food chemicals are different from FODMAPs, they occur naturally in many foods or can be added in food processing. For some people these can trigger IBS symptoms. Learn about the differences between FODMAPs and food chemicals and how to determine which approach is best for you.

Picture of Joanna Baker

Joanna Baker

Joanna is a dietitian, who loves food. Her passion for digestive health comes from her own life long battle with IBS. This has taught her both how hard it is to live with an unpredictable gut and how life changing it can be when food sensitivities are well managed. Although based in Melbourne, Joanna consults virtually via Everyday Nutrition and loves working with people around Australia and Worldwide helping them to identify their triggers and learn to love food and life again. In addition to this, Joanna is on the advisory board for the Master of Dietetics degree at Deakin University and a member of Food Allergy and Intolerance Interest Group with Dietitians Australia. She provides resources for dietitians and presented at seminars in Australia and the USA. Joanna is a regular contributor to FODMAPPER magazine and has also written for Healthy Food Guide, Australian Gluten Free Life and Nursing Review.

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