How to Gain Long-term IBS Relief without a Restrictive Diet


Kirsten Jackson

How to gain long-term IBS relief without a restrictive diet

If you are following a restrictive diet and finding it difficult to manage your IBS or perhaps spending a lot of money on probiotics in the hope they will work, this video is for you.

Find out how you can gain real long-term relief without making your gut health worse.


Kirsten Jackson AKA ‘The IBS Dietitian’ is a UK consultant dietitian with over 10 years experience in gastroenterology.

Kirsten decided to specialise in IBS specifically after suffering with the condition herself. She realised that conventional techniques did not give individuals the tools they needed to truly manage their condition and so she created her ‘Take Control’ approach.

Outside of clinical work, Kirsten is also an expert advisor for The IBS Network and an official media spokesperson for The British Dietetic Association and when she is not at work, Kirsten can be found with her 1 year old daughter Esme at the beach in Dubai where she is currently based.

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