Virtual Show: FODMAP edition

We have some incredible presenters sharing a range of different topics including cooking demonstrations, Q&As, tips & tricks for living FODMAP friendly & recipes for you to try at home.

Courtney Roulston & Dakota Rhys-Jones

Q+A Session with the FF+A Community

Join Monash Dietitian Dakota Rhys-Jones & Coles Ambassador and former MasterChef Courtney Roulston for a Q&A Session answering all the community questions.

Chloe McLeod

How to get Variety on a Low FODMAP Diet

In this video, Chloe talks about why variety is important for our overall health, and how to get variety in a low FODMAP diet.

Joanna Baker

Food Chemicals or FODMAPs,
What’s Your IBS Trigger?

Learn about the differences between FODMAPs and food chemicals and how to determine which approach is best for you.

Courtney Roulston

Cook Along:
LOW FODMAP Chicken Curry with Coconut Quinoa

Cook along with Courtney Roulston with this fabulous low FODMAP meal. 


Geraldine Van Oord

Common mistakes made on the low FODMAP diet

This video provides insight into some of the most common mistakes made on the low FODMAP diet and what you can do to avoid them so you can settle down your symptoms faster.

Dakota Rhys-Jones & Jessica Fitzpatrick

Q+A Session with the Monash FODMAP Research dietitian team

In this Q+A session Dakota & Jessica have answered questions from the Free From + Allergy Facebook community.

Kirsten Jackson

How to Gain Long-term IBS Relief without a Restrictive Diet

Find out how you can gain real long-term relief without making your gut health worse.

Alana Scott

Cooking Along:
Low FODMAP Nachos

Cook along with Alana Scott as she whips up some low FODMAP Nachos that can be shard with the family.

Sharon Rosenraunch

Journey to Veganism and the Low FODMAP Diet

In this Q&A session, qualified nutritionist and vegan, Sharon Rosenrauch shares her journey to Veganism, and gives us insight into her extensive nutritional knowledge.

Kim Faulker-Hogg

When low FODMAPs is not enough

In those with food reactions, potential low FODMAP diet triggers are often investigated first. If symptoms persist, and the diet has been implemented correctly, you may want to explore whether natural and added food chemicals are other possible food triggers. Food is complex.

Rebecca Ponsford

Reintroducing FODMAPs back into your diet

 In this presentation, gut health and IBS expert dietitian, Rebecca from FODMAP Nutrition and Dietetics, explains practical tips and strategies to identify FODMAP triggers and add well tolerated FODMAP groups back into your diet.

Chelsea McCallum

How to Low FODMAP Your Favourite Recipes

Have you been told to follow a low FODMAP diet and feel limited, lost and confused? Chelsea, an IBS Dietitian and FODMAP Expert will show you how to modify your favourite sweet & savoury recipes so that you can gain control over your symptoms whilst enjoying food that you love.

Dr CK Yao

Monash FODMAP Latest Research Information 

Join Dr CK Yao from Monash FODMAP as she provides valuable insight into the recent research Monash FODMAP has uncovered 


Crystal Austin

Label Reading and Spotting Hidden FODMAP Ingredients

In this video, Dietitian Crystal explains how to label read on the Low FODMAP diet, what to look for and how to spot hidden high FODMAP ingredients.


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