FODMAP Edition Virtual Show 2022: FODMAP stacking and how to avoid it – Eloise Turner

Are you following a low FODMAP diet without any symptom improvement? Perhaps FODMAP stacking is the issue! Join Accredited Practicing Dietitian Eloise Turner as she discusses all things FODMAP stacking. Find out what it is, how it happens, and how to avoid it.

Picture of Eloise Turner

Eloise Turner

Eloise is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Nutritionist based in Brisbane, Australia. Having previously worked in the clinical space with patients to help manage their IBS, Eloise has gained a lot of interest and experience with the FODMAP diet. She now works with Fodbods – a healthy, gut-friendly snack company – and is responsible for managing all of their content, community, and social platforms, as well as assisting with new product development and business growth. You can find her and her passion for everything health and nutrition-related on Instagram and Facebook @eat.witheloise or @fodbods.

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