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Stacking and snacking on the low FODMAP diet

Following the elimination phase of the low FODMAP diet and not getting enough relief? Stacking may be something to consider. In this presentation, Dietitian Ijmeet Maan will explain exactly what FODMAP stacking is and how it can occur on the low FODMAP diet. We’ll explore some practical tips to minimise or avoid stacking as well as some snacking tips when following the low FODMAP diet.

How and why to incorporate prebiotic-rich foods on the low FODMAP diet

Your quick guide to travelling with coeliac disease. Here you will find simple and affordable tips to add to your toolkit for those times away from home.

My IBS Story (gut healing/management)

Have you been caught not being able to find a toilet while you’re out and your gut is exploding! I have, and it makes you want to stay at home, not eat out, not go on holidays, just live a predictable controlled life. The symptoms of IBS or gut issues are extremely common and can be controlling, if you let them, I determined not to! Maybe something in my story might connect with you and give you an idea (I’m super practical) and some hope.

Low FODMAP cooking: Green curry

Cook with us! In this video Rochelle Zkudga (APD) and Ijmeet Maan (APD) cook this delicious Green Thai Curry using the certified low FODMAP – FODMAPPED for you simmer sauce. Served with basmati rice, this is a quick and easy recipe, perfect for a family dinner!

Non-FODMAP triggers to be aware of with IBS

Are you following a low FODMAP diet and not experiencing symptom relief? In this presentation, Accredited Practising Dietitian Amy Lilly will explain common diet & lifestyle-related triggers of IBS symptoms that aren’t FODMAPs. She will detail various components in foods & beverages, as well as lifestyle factors, and explain how they may contribute to symptoms of abdominal pain, bloating, flatulence, diarrhoea and/or constipation.

Digestive Enzymes the forgotten hero

It is said, “You are not necessarily what you eat, but what you can digest and absorb”

Did you know that chewing is the only voluntary part of the digestive process? The natural mechanisms and our bodies enzymes are the major components in breaking down the foods we eat. Where these natural processes are impaired, we see disorders and symptoms occur.

The first sign that someone doesn’t produce enough digestive enzymes is disturbed digestion such as reflux, burping, stomach pain, bloating, constipation or diarrhoea.

Join Alissa as she helps us to understand what is going on in our bodies.

Should probiotics be taken during the low FODMAP diet?

Should you take a probiotic during the low FODMAP diet and can they help with digestive health?

During this presentation, Accredited Practising Dietitian, Rebecca Ponsford, discusses the evidence and considerations for the use of probiotics in IBS. We will explore the differences and similarities between probiotics and fermented foods and discuss if, and how, they may be taken for those following the low FODMAP diet.

Nutrition for bloating

In this presentation, Crystal aims to help you on your health journey around IBS and bloating.

What will you learn?

  • The 8 common reasons you are struggling with bloating
  • How to prevent key mistakes in your nutrition
  • Simple tips and what to do instead

LOW FODMAP Chicken Curry with Coconut Quinoa

Follow along as Courtney Roulston cooks a low fodmap chicken curry.

FODMAP stacking and how to avoid it

Are you following a low FODMAP diet without any symptom improvement? Perhaps FODMAP stacking is the issue! Join Accredited Practicing Dietitian Eloise Turner as she discusses all things FODMAP stacking. Find out what it is, how it happens, and how to avoid it.

Gut health and the importance of testing

Children’s gut health

As a mum we are focused on our children’s wellbeing from the moment they come into this world. Are they eating enough, sleeping enough and is their poop the right colour! I have been on a gut health journey with one of my children since she was a toddler, and I don’t have to remind you how fussy that stage of life is. So, lets chat about some very easy to implement strategies to help boost your child’s gut and therefore overall health.

Low FODMAP Cooking: Burrito Bowl

Are you scratching your head trying to find delicious and nutritious low FODMAP meal ideas? In this presentation, Accredited Practising Dietitians Amy Lilly and Rebecca Ponsford will guide you through this quick and easy (and super delicious!) low FODMAP prawn burrito bowl recipe. Ready in 10-15 minutes, this is a great dinner idea suitable for the whole family.

Gluten intolerance, coeliac disease and FODMAP intolerance- What is the difference?

Wondering what makes Coeliac, Gluten Sensitivity and IBS different? In this presentation, FODMAP Friendly Dietitian and Business Development Manager, Rochelle Zgudka will explain their prevalence , how to test for and manage these three common and chronic gastrointestinal conditions.

Stress & the gut brain connection

Join Alissa as she unpacks how research has shown us the importance of the gut-brain connection and paying attention to the gut in mental health conditions is vital.

Have you ever felt so anxious you feel nauseous? Or butterflies in your stomach when you’re nervous or excited? This is the gut- brain connection at work

FODMAP Friendly Snack Ideas

Vanessa will be discussing her favourite FODMAP friendly snack ideas for when she’s feeling peckish and she wants something to fill her up without making her feel sick!

Travelling on a Low FODMAP diet

Holidays – almost seems like a foreign concept after the pandemic! These are events most people look forward to – exotic locations, no work, time spent with loved ones, enjoying the cultures and cuisines of foreign lands. However, to those following a low FODMAP vegan diet, travelling can be an extremely anxiety-provoking experience due to a number of factors including the fear of unknown foods, the limited availability and knowledge of how takeout food is prepared and options available, language barriers and the lack of routine. 

How to increase good gut foods in your everyday diet

A huge part of my journey in overcoming my gut issues has come down to what I eat, the problem is we all know this, but food is so central to our lives and if we’re honest most of time we don’t have the will power. I’m a foodie and I don’t want to ‘miss out’ so how do I do this and manage my gut issues? Let me share with you some of my tips and tricks.

Living Free From: Spiced Flourless Chocolate Cake

Cook along with Courtney Roulston.

Q+A Session with Dakota Rhys-Jones and Jessica Fitzpatrick from Monash FODMAP

In this Q+A session Dakota & Jessica have answered questions from the Free From + Allergy Facebook community.

Click Here to join the Free From + Allergy Facebook community

The Gut: Where It All Begins

Join Alissa and hear about why she believes that “All disease begins in the gut”. Why if you want to be healthy, your gut health is the first step to achieving health in the rest of the body.

She will talk about the warning signs that your gut is not operating as it should be and the good news that although these symptoms are common, they don’t have to tolerated.

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