The VGood Company

VGood is a family focused food brand owned and operated in Australia, launching its first line of independently produced spreads and snacks in 2020. The Founder, Sally Breden, wanted to make healthier and allergen friendly options accessible to more consumers. The focus for VGood is on great taste and a great eating experience, with affordability a critical feature.

VGood PeaNOT Butter looks, tastes and spreads just like peanut butter, and HazelNOT Choc just like a delicious chocolate spread, but they are made from chickpeas.

VGood PeaNOT Butter has already been shortlisted in the top three for ‘Best Allergy Friendly Product’ at the World Food Innovation Awards 2021. The awards recognise some of the most ambitious developments from the food industry and winners will be announced on 23rd March.

VGood spreads are suitable for use on toast, in a sandwich or on crackers, as well as offering versatility in the kitchen for healthier, nut-free, and vegan friendly baking, smoothies, satay sauce and more.

Being made with chickpeas, VGood spreads provide a source of protein, fibre, and iron, with a low glycaemic index and less fat than standard peanut butter and chocolate spreads. HazelNOT Choc contains 60% less sugar than Nutella, and the range is free from the 14 most common food allergens including peanuts, tree-nuts, dairy, gluten, and soy.

VGood Chickpea Twists are an affordable, crispy crunchy twisted snack made with over 90% chickpeas, in Smokin’ BBQ, Sea Salt and Tomato Basil flavours. Featuring a clean ingredient list with all-natural seasonings, and free from nutritionally inferior ‘filler’ ingredients such as corn and potato. VGood Twists are packed naturally with fibre and over 20% plant-based protein, they are allergen friendly, provide 60 calories per serve, and come with a 5-star health rating. VGood Chickpea Twists actually do deliver on health, without compromising on a delicious taste.


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