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Emotion Balancing Perfumes linked to your StarSign!

What can your personal Star Sign Scent do to balance your emotions?

 Let us introduce StarSign Scents…Miracle Elixir’s with medicinal healing powers!

Non-toxic – 100% Natural – Certified Essential oils – Vegan – Cruelty Free – Alcohol Free – Paraben & Phthalate Free

In a chemical world of cancer-causing synthetic perfumes, StarSign Scents is changing the face of the perfume industry for the better!


StarSign Scents founder and creator, Sasha deBretton, is contributing to the better health of the worldwide global cancer-causing issue of the perfume industries by offering a natural alternative that actually enhances your health and wellbeing.

“It’s no longer acceptable for these multi-million dollar companies to be producing carcinogenic perfumes that first handily gave me chronic fatigue, when they actually have a ‘duty of care’ to their customers who they are slowly poisoning over time!”

With synthetic fragrances being so highly carcinogenic made from a base of petroleum and formaldehyde’s, they are pure poison and we are spraying these on our vulnerable bodies causing, cancer, tumours and infertility.

I am convinced that all the cancer in this world today is a caused from a layering effect from cleaning products, perfumes (one of the most toxic) hair care, toothpaste, body care, food, pollution and our skin is the biggest receptor of toxins, we are absorbing daily so it’s about time there is a new education and we stop focusing on the billions of dollars the industry makes from selling toxic fragrance and we focus on the healthy alternatives.

At the tender age of 21, I, Sasha, working in the fragrance industry, got struck down with chronic fatigue, just from wearing fragrance every day. I had to leave a job I loved as I was being poisoned by perfume, literally!

I went in a quest to find a natural perfume and was terribly disappointed to not find a decent natural fragrance that smelt nice. They all smelt like toilet cleaner and I wanted to smell sexy but be healthy at the same time!

So I decided to create my own range as I wanted  to distil a perfume created by nature to benefit your wellbeing to be able to wear a perfume with confidence that not only do you smell stunning, but you are actually doing something good for your body through the use of aromatherapy and the ‘centuries old’ power of essential oils, all crafted from nature.

The benefits of essential oils are so vital for decreasing stress, helping you sleep, they give you better clarify, focus, grounding, centering balancing…. They calm you when needed and lift your spirits, enhancing your mood and wellbeing so I decided to blend a specially formulated mix of oils that centred on Star Sign’s personality type to help balance your emotions,  raise your vibration & renew your energy.

These beautiful natural perfumes with your individual personality encapsulated in a ‘miracle elixir’ bottle of divinely scented, energy renewing, life changing, natural perfumes are a world first and rated by YAHOO as a ‘Top Product to Buy’

What we have created at StarSign Scents, is a range of quality Australian made natural perfumes that not only make you feel a million dollars, but also smell a million dollars and we wish to first handily turn the billion dollar poisonous perfume industry on its head, disrupting the market through education and our messages away from carcinogenic perfume by offering the market a stunning, beautiful & natural alternative!

Made with Love from us to you

Sasha (Founder and Creator)


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