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Debbie Bruce is a qualified Functional Medicine Health Coach and mother of 3 with a background in Personal Training, Massage and Holistic Health Coaching.  

She has been successfully supporting people in all areas of their health for over 10 years and last year, self-published her first recipe book “Eating Well for the Family.” 

This recipe book holds over 130 recipes suited to those with food intolerances such as gluten, dairy and FODMAP’s. Filled with photos, meal plans and tips, this book is designed to help people start out on their journey of healthy eating.  

Debbie’s own son suffered for years with severe and undiagnosed issues only to find that this diet helped him make a dramatic recovery and now Debbie aims to share her story of using food as medicine in the hopes it will inspire others to take the first step on the road to recovery.  


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