We believe everyone should be free to live their best life. Even the 1 in 5 people who regularly suffer with gut issues. That’s why we created Fodbods — perfectly balanced FODMAP-friendly health bars.

The range was developed by Melbourne-based Vanessa who was introduced to the low FODMAP diet after years of experiencing gut issues. The diet completely
transformed her life, inspiring her to help others make the same change.

Fodbods mean no more guessing and no more stressing. Every product we make has been thoroughly researched, tested and certified FODMAP-friendly. They’re recommended and endorsed by dieticians nationally.

Our bars are made in Australia from 100% natural non-GMO ingredients. They’re vegan, gluten and dairy free. Fodbods tick every box, making them the perfect snack for everyone, not just those with gut issues.

And the best part? They taste incredible! Packed full of nutritious ingredients, our delicious combos will leave you feeling full of energy and free to keep on living your best life.

Head to www.fodbods.com and use code FREEFROM20 for 20% off

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