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Flip Shelton’s natural muesli and porridge range is a deluxe breakfast range which is hand-mixed in small batches, so it’s as good as homemade. I created this range over 10 years when training for Ironman triathlon events to support me and my triathlon buddies nutritionally. These days I do yoga and cross-fit and am a mum to an active 11 year old. In addition, my husband is a Coeliac so we are always very conscious about our food choices.

My belief is that we need to choose the best possible food at any one time; to eat in season and to eat slowly and mindfully. I am currently a regular on 774 ABC Melbourne each Saturday at 8.30am with Libbi Gorr, trying to short the wheat from the chaff when it comes to food options.

For my range, I always choose Australian ingredients over imported ones however sometimes that is not possible, but all my products are sourced ethically.

My mueslis are not just different flavours, rather each blend has been designed with different nutritional needs in mind, so everyone (including Goldilocks!) can find one that is just right!

I created the “gluten-free, grain-free” natural muesli for my husband, a coeliac. The ‘fruit & coconut’ natural muesli is designed for those avoiding nuts; while the ‘nuts & seeds’ natural muesli is suitable for those trying to avoid sugars and fructose.

Meanwhile, my latest cookbook “Smart Snacks – 100 + recipes to survive the school years” was written with leading child psychologist, Michael Carr-Gregg. We wanted to help parents with some delicious and nutritious snack options because as parents ourselves we know exactly what it’s like when the baying hoards arrive home or you are dashing from school to sport or dance lessons.

Michael provides invaluable information with his usual wit and wisdom on how to get our kids – and ourselves – through the school years, healthy and happy!

The ten chapters are broken into “On The Ball”; “Smoothies and Juices”; “Dips to Dig Into”; “Chips Ahoy”, “Midnight Munchies”, “Fast Food”, “Cool Things for Hot Heads”, “Super Sangas”; “One Bit Wonders”; “Smart Sweet Things”. All the recipes are easy to make that the kids can get involved in.

And every recipe is marked according to whether it is dairy-free; egg-free; gluten-free; grain-free; nut-free; wheat-free and freezable!


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