Elektra Magnesium

Natural Magnesium Skin and Body Care Products
“Nutrition via skin feels sooooo good!”
Rich anti-aging moisturisers and skin conditioners that deliver magnesium into the body better and faster than tablets or powders. All allergy-friendly (chem-free) health and beauty products.

(Manufactured in Australia and made with food grade magnesium chloride)

We are an Australian family company headed by CEO and founder Sandy Sanderson. Sandy had developed very severe magnesium deficiency symptoms, including heart arrhythmias, which she was able to relieve with regular magnesium bathing. Her hubby Peter, who was a formulating chemist, invented Magnesium Cream in 2009 for Sandy to have an easy and more convenient way of getting daily magnesium supplement via skin care. When they launched the product commercially, it became so popular that they kept developing more magnesium products to suit different skin types and needs. And you can’t overdose via skin. Use as much as you like to feel calm and relaxed, and to nurture and protect your skin for a healthy glow and younger looking complexion.

Elektra Magnesium brand is sold in over 300 natural health clinics and stores around Australia and including some in UK and USA.  The brand keeps expanding as more and more people discover the benefits.

“We give you more… nutritious ingredients, results, value.”

Please see what our customers say on our Customer Review page and Video page.


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