Eczema Association of Australasia

The Eczema Association of Australasia Inc supports and educates Eczema sufferers and carers, along with the wider community, in all aspects of Eczema and its impact. 

The Eczema Association of Australasia Inc (EAA) was founded in January 1994 with the mission of bringing community support, awareness and mass advocacy to the management and treatment of Eczema.  

Eczema, an inflammation of the skin which causes redness and intense itching affects around 30 per cent of the Australian population.   

There are many different forms of this problem, ranging from a localised itch to a severe rash covering the whole body and requiring hospitalisation.  It can have a dramatic effect on the sufferer’s entire family.  

Although there is currently no cure for eczema, at the EAA we can help dispel some of the myths about treatment so patients feel more comfortable using their prescribed treatments. The EAA is also a shoulder to lean on for support and can help point sufferers in the right direction to access treatments and products which may help with eczema management. 

The EAA is a valuable source of knowledge and advice on a wide range of issues associated with the management and treatment of Eczema and produces up-to-date information for distribution to their members, the public and health professionals. 

The EAA maintains links with medical professionals to ensure up-to-date information, produces a brochure ‘Caring for your Eczema’ and a magazine ‘eczema quarterly’. 

The EAA is funded by Queensland Health, Corporate Supporters, Donations and Member Subscriptions and is dedicated to providing the best information available to anyone who is interested in learning about the debilitating and frustrating skin condition which is Eczema. 

For more information call 1300 300 182, visit or email