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Formed following the merger of Arrow Pharmaceuticals (“Arrow”) and Apotex Australia (“Apotex”) in July 2019, Arrotex is today the largest generic pharmaceutical and private label OTC medicines company in Australia.

Driven by a dedication to creating value through its people, brands, programs, and partnerships, Arrotex is committed to providing affordable access to quality brands and services that pharmacies and the Australian public rely on every day to improve health outcomes.

Arrotex markets Anapen® 500, the only 500mcg adrenaline autoinjector available in Australia. 

Anapen® is not a substitute for subsequent emergency medical or hospital care. Call 000 immediately after administering Anapen®. An additional dose of Anapen® may be needed while waiting for emergency medical services. Anapen® can be obtained from a pharmacy with a prescription, or without a prescription where a pharmacist is satisfied the customer has been assessed by an appropriate health practitioner as needing to carry adrenaline and the health practitioner has provided the customer with a formal action plan for anaphylaxis.


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