Navigating the Emotional & Psychological Phases Of Allergies with Simone Albert

Join us for a Q&A session with Simone Albert talking about her new book ‘Beyond the Allergy Diagnosis - A Guide to Understanding and Navigating the Emotional and Psychological Phases of Allergies’ and all things relating to what can sometimes be a heavy burden when first diagnosed with a chronic condition and how over time and moving through grief and acceptance to a thriving quality of life not just surviving.

Picture of Simone Albert

Simone Albert

Simone is a wellbeing expert, counsellor, speaker and nurse whose passion is to support families. She specialises in helping and guiding parents, children, tweens and adolescents living with a chronic condition, in particular allergies, live a more relaxed, safe, resilient, confident and fulfilled life with thriving mental health. Simone combines over eight years of university studies with close to thirty years of professional work in hospitals, clinics, private practice, including over fourteen years of personal experience as a family living with the chronic condition of allergies.

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